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  1. Defining microtonal/custom scales?

    Hi I also think there is a something possible with NG -individual event receiver definition for each notes forwarded to two sender, one for note one for PB -or a global receiver (note=all) forwarded to two sender (note and PB) with conditional according to receiver note value Best Zam    
  2. MBSeqv4 Power Requirements

    How many LEDs !?! ... don't know the limiting resistor value at these built but 300mA is 30 LEDs @ 10mA, easy to get ! Best Zam
  3. Hi Theo A 2 min search at mouser return this Best Zam
  4. R3 DIN Printed Circuit Board or Kit

    Hello   Look like MB_NG and MB_KB only support 2 keyboard, If you need a third I guess you need another core too Best Zam
  5. Starting up the dual manual organ

    Hi Not sure "all" command work at NGR but did you try this: send NoteOn USB1 1 all 0 e.g. for usb1 chn 1, if it work you just have to write few for the 3 port and two channels you use Best Zam
  6. Starting up the dual manual organ

    hello Your code look ok so far ... I'm not used to KB so I can't say for sure... can you try something like this instead? RESET_HW SRIO num_sr=4 KEYBOARD n=1 rows=8 dout_sr1=1 dout_sr2=2 din_sr1=1 din_sr2=2 \ din_inverted=0 break_inverted=0 din_key_offset=32 \ scan_velocity=1 scan_optimized=1 make_debounced=1 break_is_make=0 note_offset=36 \ delay_fastest=0 delay_fastest_black_keys=0 delay_slowest=100 KEYBOARD n=2 rows=12 dout_sr1=3 dout_sr2=4 din_sr1=3 din_sr2=4 \ din_inverted=1 break_inverted=0 din_key_offset=32 \ scan_velocity=1 scan_optimized=1 make_debounced=1 break_is_make=0 note_offset=28 \ delay_fastest=1 delay_fastest_black_keys=0 delay_slowest=140 MAP1/BYTEI 0:0 1:20 20:60 60:90 90:110 118:127 EVENT_KB id=1 hw_id=1 fwd_id=sender:1 type=NoteOn chn=1 key=any use_key_number=1 range=0:127 kb_velocity_map=map1 kb_transpose=0 ports=0000000000000000 EVENT_SENDER id=10 hw_id=1 type=NoteOn chn=1 key=any range=0:127 ports=1000110000000000 EVENT_SENDER id=11 hw_id=1 type=NoteOn chn=4 key=any range=0:127 ports=1000110000000000  
  7. Starting up the dual manual organ

    Ok, but you should have also a map (you use one map...) and kb srio definition? Is RESET_HW specified ? Please post the full .NGC so we can have a look ... Best Zam    
  8. Starting up the dual manual organ

    Hello Hard to say without more of your .NGC I don't get how you change event status here as you don't have any bank, radio group, or conditional definition ? Best Zam
  9. Starting up the dual manual organ

    Is that 3 bits definition at .NGC ?? DIO define emulated SR, you have direct access with the hooked button and corresponding hw_id I guess your first DIO button is hw_id=33 and last is hw_id=48 (if SR 5 and 6)   But if I get it  right you want to use 3 button to define 8 keyboard states ? 000 is all button off 001 is button n°3 on 011 is button 2 and 3 on etc... 111 is all button on   can you confirm that is the logic you want to implement ? Best Zam  
  10. Starting up the dual manual organ

    What is DIO-000, DIO-100 etc... ? Button on a matrix ?
  11. Starting up the dual manual organ

    Yes set active work too ! But if you need to select 16 ch, the NGR will be consequent (16 'if' with 16 'set_activ' each) 256 line at least   Best Zam      
  12. Starting up the dual manual organ

    Hello You can change config with LOAD command at .NGR You should be able to select a keyboard event definition with conditional. EVENT_KB hw_id=1 id=11 type=NoteOn chn=1 key=any use_key_number=1 range=0:127 if_equal=button:1:1 EVENT_KB hw_id=1 id=12 type=NoteOn chn=2 key=any use_key_number=1 range=0:127 if_equal=button:1:2 EVENT_KB hw_id=1 id=13 type=NoteOn chn=3 key=any use_key_number=1 range=0:127 if_equal=button:1:3 map1 1 2 3 EVENT_BUTTON hw_id=1 id=1 value=1 range=map1 button_mode=toggle Banking or radiogroup should work too, it depend how you want to select the channel   Best Zam
  13. idea/request led_mode=

    Hi At mios32_timestamp.c does this can be used ? ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //! Use this function to get the delay which has passed between a given and //! and current timestamp. //! //! Usage Example: //! \code //! u32 captured_timestamp = MIOS32_TIMESTAMP_GetDelay(); //! // ... //! // ... do something ... //! // ... //! u32 delay_in_ms = MIOS32_TIMESTAMP_GetDelay(captured_timestamp); //! MIOS32_MIDI_SendDebugMessage("Delay: %d mS\n", delay_in_ms); //! \endcode //! \return the delay between the given and the current timestamp ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// s32 MIOS32_TIMESTAMP_GetDelay(u32 captured_timestamp) { // will automatically roll over: // e.g. 0x00000010 - 0xfffffff0 = 0x00000020 return timestamp - captured_timestamp; }  
  14. idea/request led_mode=

    Hi Just an idea, not a real need (but it can be fun, and i will use it for sure) something like a led_mode=blink for .NGC with associate parameter blink:on:100:off:300 for time in ms for each led state? or defined time with 2 value map or just 3 "blink" predefined mod, blink_slow, blink_mid, blink_fast Anyway, the idea is to have a blinking led function when led is on, because a NGR script (set led and delay) is stopped a soon as another section is called Best Zam
  15. idea/request led_mode=

    For sure 65ms period for blinking led is fast... I'll see what I can try too Maybe TK will chime in and give us some clue Best Zam
  16. idea/request led_mode=

    side note I just have a look, Also at mbng_dout.c , maybe another route is to have a non static value for DIM function or to add a condition at LED set for a specific value ? I'm thinking out loud... Best Zam
  17. idea/request led_mode=

    Can't say no :) Best Zam
  18. idea/request led_mode=

    My C skill is not that good, but that's a good idea, I'll give a try asap Best Zam
  19. update via UART midi

    Hello Fantom No I don't try with optocoupler, but I try at 31.25kb standard speed, I'm able to reach the slave core as loading .NGC in the file browser (very slowwwwwwww) but unable to update without trouble. I don't think it's the issue, as my cores share same PSU and stand side by side so UART direct interconnection is less than 10 cm Also if I have to choose I prefer to have the actual 10x speed 312.5kb than abilities to reach the core... I have no pull up resistor neither current limiting, maybe I can try that. But as usual midi data is fine, maybe it's something with the long sysex for MIOS command, I'll will investigate more around buffer or if there is a special handler for those sysex when using UART in/out ... Anyway thanks for your idea Best Zam
  20. update via UART midi

    Hi all I'll like to update NG app and config via UART but I can't reach the core with MIOS studio I have a multicore setup, one "master" USB (4 port) to computer and 2 stave (soon 4) with direct UART midi interconnection to master core. Midi data between cores is fine (at 10x speed, no optocoupler) as slave to computer via master. At master I have router active, USB2->IN1 and OUT1->USB2 (for first slave) BUT I can't connect  the slave core via master and USB2 port at MIOS studio, do I overlook something ? I have a vaguely memory that connection is constrained to USB1 port, but can't find back where I've seen this in the past...nor forum or wiki. The idea is to not have to connect each core directly to computer to update config... but everything working from a single USB cable (which is already the case except for the config update via MIOS studio...) Best Zam
  21. update via UART midi

    mmm... not that good finally, I'm not able to update or upload .NGC without disconnection and data lose whatever UART speed I set. so, need further investigation ... Best Zam
  22. update via UART midi

    UPDATE ! Seem I find out so I change if( port >= USB1 && port <= USB7 ) to if( port >= USB5 && port <= USB7 ) (to have access to 4 slaves at 4 usb 0 to 3) And in the mean time I set different ID to each cores in the bootloader. So far I'm able to access first Slave core at UART1 from Master core via USB2 port in MIOS studio !   Best Zam
  23. update via UART midi

    Hello Goyou Not sure to get what you say, if it's a kind of UART line selector between core, this won't work for me, I need all Slaves connected to Master all the time, each slaves show up (for DAW) as different midi device with 4 USB enabled at master (and router config) But I think I find something at mios32_midi.c which seem to lock mios sysex command to USB0 (USB1 port) ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // This function parses an incoming sysex stream for MIOS32 commands ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// static s32 MIOS32_MIDI_SYSEX_Parser(mios32_midi_port_t port, u8 midi_in) { // ignore realtime messages (see MIDI spec - realtime messages can // always be injected into events/streams, and don't change the running status) if( midi_in >= 0xf8 ) return 0; // TODO: here we could send an error notification, that multiple devices are trying to access the device if( sysex_state.general.MY_SYSEX && port != last_sysex_port ) return -1; // USB upload is only allowed via USB0 // this covers the scenario where other USB1..7 ports are used for MIDI Port forwarding, and a MIOS8 core // is connected to one of these ports // MIOS Studio reports "Detected MIOS8 and MIOS32 response - selection not supported yet!" in this case // By ignoring >= USB1 <= USB7 we have at least a workaround which works (for example) for MIDIbox LC if( port >= USB1 && port <= USB7 ) return -1; last_sysex_port = port; Best Zam
  24. idea/request led_mode=

    Hi Gerald Tks for info, I'm not aware of that, I only use NG with my custom controller/fader I'll look at it ! Best Zam
  25. idea/request led_mode=

    Hi I'm still interested for such blink led function If anyone have an idea ? Best Zam