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  1. Using AOUT with Buchla 1.2v/octave

    Hi Oops yes you'r right, I don't take attention to the requested output voltage value, IIRC TL07x are not rail to rail Datasheet need to be checked.. Best Zam
  2. Using AOUT with Buchla 1.2v/octave

    Hello There is no mystery to calculate opamp gain, feed the resistor you need for the correct output range. Best Zam
  3. CV outputs in MBNG

    Hello 55 DA is a lot, as say MB_NG only support 32 AOUT (per core) So far there is no MUX option for AOUT_NG. AINSER scan is not a issue, we have the muxed version for 64 pot So you need two core, which can be a good option, or even 3, two for data scanning and HW handling and one master for Midi IO and multicore dialling, MCAN connection between all    Midi offer 16384 control with 16384 steps (14bit)... we call this NRPN At NG side, I'll recommand to use NRPN data for all your "more than 7 bit" data, and just use map definition to scale to/from whatever bit deph or range you need.   Best Zam
  4. MIDI 2.0

    Hi all NAMM 2019, midi 2.0 prototyping announced. Should concern midibox at some point in the future, I guess. Best Zam
  5. AOUT NG Troubleshooting

      Hey To me it look like... There is not that many part at AOUT_NG... the weakest being the DAC Just double check your measure at TLV5630 output with the TL074s removed Best Zam    
  6. More CV outputs - how?

    Hello   I'm talking about AOUT_NG Have a search in the forum, someone do the test times ago and it work (MB_NG) You have to chain the TLV at DOUT pin and enable 32CV at .ngc file configuration (supposed you run MB_NG on a stm32F4) Best Zam
  7. More CV outputs - how?

    Hello Welcome here !   IIRC you can chain 4 AOUT _NG (12bit TLV5630), meaning 32 analog out, but core are small now, you can have two (even linked in the same box) for 64 CV out Most 80' synths (for those I know) use multiplexing and low def DAC, not realy comparable with modern DAC Best Zam
  8. MCAN

    Great if it's fine... at some point I realise that maybe I push a little as uncomfortable to "ask" because I can't really help community on this subject (except beta testing...) I'm sure it will be useful for many pple as soon as it get full implementation at MB_NG Best Zam  
  9. MCAN

    Hello Thank to both of you to take care of this So far MCAN seem a great feature !! Best Zam
  10. MCAN

    Hello TK (and happy new year )   based on @Antichambre trunk (he share with me for beta test) I mod and compile MB_NG here is notes of what I do to have port accessible from .NGC (don't remember yet if router work...) I test all this weeks ago, but EVENT send/receive proper midi data between cores linked at MCAN pin with the extra 4 digit definition at port=   So far I don't succeed to use MCAN port at .NGR  (don't remember why I do this at mbng_file_r...) The idea is simply to have MCAN fully integrated at MB_NG like any other midi port. Best Zam
  11. MCAN

    Hi all   I played last month with mios32 MCAN implementation from @Antichambre I basically make it work with MB_NG at .ngc but not at .ngr (yes I'm not good at this...) Any -official- agenda planed to add those ports natively for MB_NG ? I'm very pleased with the first test I performed   Best Zam
  12. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Hello Despite I don't really have a need for this great tool, I'm happy to see the community releasing new toys Big BRAVO to all of you involved in this development Best Zam
  13.   Hello Sorry but no, differential mean the signal is duplicated with 180° flip at sender, meaning at the reconstruction side (receiver) interference and external noises will be nulled. Then there is various "option" if you want to isolate both side, like opto or transformer But in DC coupling case you better have the same reference.   About the general topic and "distant" communication between our lovely MB_HP tools I'll hope @Antichambre will chime in and talk about MCAN I don't want to spoil his work, but I partially beta test it (MB_NG) with very promising result   Best Zam
  14. Nachtwächter

    Ho merci Bruno ! yes this one work particularly good Best Zam  
  15. Nachtwächter

    Hello Midiboxers I usually produce albums and tracks for other so I don't post /communicate that much personally in the web/forums about these works. This is a particular one, I do with a great friend of mine. Hope you'll enjoy it Nachtwächter Best Zam ps:there is some midibox tools involved, GOOM ported to midibox in one track, as my fader automation at mix (analog) running on MB_NG