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  1. Help needed with MF_NG

    Hello     Not expert at all for the question, but I find this: I suspect it deserve a read Best Zam
  2. dipCoreF4 and dipBoardF4, a compact Core.

    Unfortunately not enough interest for my "highend", costly, and complex automation to justify another hundreds hours of "R&D", despite I still have in mind a "simplified" version...but still in standby for the moment. Best Zam
  3. dipCoreF4 and dipBoardF4, a compact Core.

    Hello Bruno Look great ! If only I got this 4 years ago, my midibox design would have the core directly on the main board... Bravo Zam  
  4. Push & Hold - function?

    Hello   You can reduce the time for the short push to only wait the processing when long time press   if ^section == 1 delay_ms 50 if BUTTON:1 == 0 SEND CC USB1 1 2 0 exit endif delay_ms 500 if BUTTON:1 == 127 SEND CC USB1 1 1 127 exit endif endif By this you can handle both situation time in any time respond configuration you want Note that first condition will in fact be the time you manually release the button (if shorter than second delay) + the first delay as the script will re-trig when button is off ( due to button_mode=onoff) Best Zam  
  5. is it strange??

    brilliant edit Best Zam
  6. understanding the .ngc code

    Hello   Don't know if you can do this without a script (NGR) to handle the 8 possible two CC toggle (equivalent to Y axis in a 2x8 pattern) You can maybe simply with toggle scan X(16,17...23,24, 31,16....) and Y (16,24,17,25....31,16...) with 2 MAP But in a strict "user friendly" interface I personally won't use two encoder to select data in a 2x8 matrix display (for a 8x8 OK...) A single continuous scan will be as fast for only 16 slot (assuming you can go both direction, most distant data is only at 8 encoder tick) , OR you can use the encoder button to switch X/Y scan axis Only two encoder, data and value Best Zam
  7. DAW integration of LED rings

    Hello Assuming you set your led type and value according to MCU chart (CC for Vpot/encoder IIRC) it should work... side note: MCU Vpot have flip function, you'll have feedback according to selected layer (pan, aux etc...) Best Zam
  8. understanding the .ngc code

    Hello The purpose is to have on up and one down button cycle trigging 0 21 41 61 81 with dedicated led for each steps right ? Maybe a script(runsection + .NGR) will be better strategy, especially to retrigg/update the "opposit" button value to match actual CC value Otherwise you push button 1 few time (let say 2, CC val=61) but button 2 stay at 0, and if you push it once you send 21... Best Zam
  9. Sender and if_equal

    Hello All your sender have same id... Define hw_id=1 for all event AND id=100..101..102... (or whatever numbering strategy you choose) Don't know if it's the reason of your issue (but it might, same events with different conditional may behave strange and conflict...), you better make a correct config first Best Zam
  10. MIDI over Bluetooth with ESP32

    Great work Thorsten !! Side question, is it possible to hook ESP32 and STM32F4 cores with direct midi/UART connection (high speed without opto like I do between 3 STM core here) And use it as a RTPM wifi bridge ? Best Zam
  11. Joyeux Noel et Bonne Année à tous!!!

    Happy new year to all ! Cheers Zam
  12. More AINSER Problems

    plz wait until OP say something...can be dumb too Still (no offense) I find pples around so focused on digital and code that they usually miss the first things to check in the chain Best Zam
  13. More AINSER Problems

    Hello Did you check the analog side ? I mean the pots to multiplexer path ? If you make the 8 pot wiper like a single bus... Best Zam
  14. MIDI over Bluetooth with ESP32

      KiCAD is great ! Glad you switch Best Zam  
  15. Power Protection circuit for SID 8580

    Hello Why not just use a resistor/fuse (or resetable fuse) and a zener ? Best Zam