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  1. R3 DIN Printed Circuit Board or Kit

    Hello   Look like MB_NG and MB_KB only support 2 keyboard, If you need a third I guess you need another core too Best Zam
  2. Starting up the dual manual organ

    Hi Not sure "all" command work at NGR but did you try this: send NoteOn USB1 1 all 0 e.g. for usb1 chn 1, if it work you just have to write few for the 3 port and two channels you use Best Zam
  3. Starting up the dual manual organ

    hello Your code look ok so far ... I'm not used to KB so I can't say for sure... can you try something like this instead? RESET_HW SRIO num_sr=4 KEYBOARD n=1 rows=8 dout_sr1=1 dout_sr2=2 din_sr1=1 din_sr2=2 \ din_inverted=0 break_inverted=0 din_key_offset=32 \ scan_velocity=1 scan_optimized=1 make_debounced=1 break_is_make=0 note_offset=36 \ delay_fastest=0 delay_fastest_black_keys=0 delay_slowest=100 KEYBOARD n=2 rows=12 dout_sr1=3 dout_sr2=4 din_sr1=3 din_sr2=4 \ din_inverted=1 break_inverted=0 din_key_offset=32 \ scan_velocity=1 scan_optimized=1 make_debounced=1 break_is_make=0 note_offset=28 \ delay_fastest=1 delay_fastest_black_keys=0 delay_slowest=140 MAP1/BYTEI 0:0 1:20 20:60 60:90 90:110 118:127 EVENT_KB id=1 hw_id=1 fwd_id=sender:1 type=NoteOn chn=1 key=any use_key_number=1 range=0:127 kb_velocity_map=map1 kb_transpose=0 ports=0000000000000000 EVENT_SENDER id=10 hw_id=1 type=NoteOn chn=1 key=any range=0:127 ports=1000110000000000 EVENT_SENDER id=11 hw_id=1 type=NoteOn chn=4 key=any range=0:127 ports=1000110000000000  
  4. Starting up the dual manual organ

    Ok, but you should have also a map (you use one map...) and kb srio definition? Is RESET_HW specified ? Please post the full .NGC so we can have a look ... Best Zam    
  5. Starting up the dual manual organ

    Hello Hard to say without more of your .NGC I don't get how you change event status here as you don't have any bank, radio group, or conditional definition ? Best Zam
  6. Starting up the dual manual organ

    Is that 3 bits definition at .NGC ?? DIO define emulated SR, you have direct access with the hooked button and corresponding hw_id I guess your first DIO button is hw_id=33 and last is hw_id=48 (if SR 5 and 6)   But if I get it  right you want to use 3 button to define 8 keyboard states ? 000 is all button off 001 is button n°3 on 011 is button 2 and 3 on etc... 111 is all button on   can you confirm that is the logic you want to implement ? Best Zam  
  7. Starting up the dual manual organ

    What is DIO-000, DIO-100 etc... ? Button on a matrix ?
  8. Starting up the dual manual organ

    Yes set active work too ! But if you need to select 16 ch, the NGR will be consequent (16 'if' with 16 'set_activ' each) 256 line at least   Best Zam      
  9. Starting up the dual manual organ

    Hello You can change config with LOAD command at .NGR You should be able to select a keyboard event definition with conditional. EVENT_KB hw_id=1 id=11 type=NoteOn chn=1 key=any use_key_number=1 range=0:127 if_equal=button:1:1 EVENT_KB hw_id=1 id=12 type=NoteOn chn=2 key=any use_key_number=1 range=0:127 if_equal=button:1:2 EVENT_KB hw_id=1 id=13 type=NoteOn chn=3 key=any use_key_number=1 range=0:127 if_equal=button:1:3 map1 1 2 3 EVENT_BUTTON hw_id=1 id=1 value=1 range=map1 button_mode=toggle Banking or radiogroup should work too, it depend how you want to select the channel   Best Zam
  10. idea/request led_mode=

    Hi At mios32_timestamp.c does this can be used ? ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //! Use this function to get the delay which has passed between a given and //! and current timestamp. //! //! Usage Example: //! \code //! u32 captured_timestamp = MIOS32_TIMESTAMP_GetDelay(); //! // ... //! // ... do something ... //! // ... //! u32 delay_in_ms = MIOS32_TIMESTAMP_GetDelay(captured_timestamp); //! MIOS32_MIDI_SendDebugMessage("Delay: %d mS\n", delay_in_ms); //! \endcode //! \return the delay between the given and the current timestamp ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// s32 MIOS32_TIMESTAMP_GetDelay(u32 captured_timestamp) { // will automatically roll over: // e.g. 0x00000010 - 0xfffffff0 = 0x00000020 return timestamp - captured_timestamp; }  
  11. idea/request led_mode=

    For sure 65ms period for blinking led is fast... I'll see what I can try too Maybe TK will chime in and give us some clue Best Zam
  12. idea/request led_mode=

    side note I just have a look, Also at mbng_dout.c , maybe another route is to have a non static value for DIM function or to add a condition at LED set for a specific value ? I'm thinking out loud... Best Zam
  13. idea/request led_mode=

    Can't say no :) Best Zam
  14. idea/request led_mode=

    My C skill is not that good, but that's a good idea, I'll give a try asap Best Zam
  15. update via UART midi

    Hello Fantom No I don't try with optocoupler, but I try at 31.25kb standard speed, I'm able to reach the slave core as loading .NGC in the file browser (very slowwwwwwww) but unable to update without trouble. I don't think it's the issue, as my cores share same PSU and stand side by side so UART direct interconnection is less than 10 cm Also if I have to choose I prefer to have the actual 10x speed 312.5kb than abilities to reach the core... I have no pull up resistor neither current limiting, maybe I can try that. But as usual midi data is fine, maybe it's something with the long sysex for MIOS command, I'll will investigate more around buffer or if there is a special handler for those sysex when using UART in/out ... Anyway thanks for your idea Best Zam