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  1. MidiBox DAW Controller

    By using highend dual track motor fader with one servo track (linear taper) and one audio log track Best Zam
  2. MidiBox DAW Controller

    I'm sure that audio pass through my fader Best Zam
  3. 19" Rack MBFM with extended frontpanel

    That's what I say, add 3/10 mm and you'll be fine for a soft mount, dust won't come in that much and aestheticly it's not noticeable Best Zam
  4. yep... almost two years back (thinking about one) but more precisely, this is not the app (.hex) but the change in code. You can copy/replace that at the correct place, IIRC the only change I made to "fake" raw dual CC as NRPN (note that standard NRPN won't work any more but HUI don't use it) I can also provide the compiled app which should be based on NG1.035 or 1.036 (don't remember what's up at that time), so not up to date regarding newer implementations. Best Zam ps: I sent you an email earlier today    
  5. here is the HUI modification at MB_NG  
  6. MF_NG  only handle fader data and touch with various protocol, including HUI when used via DIN5 If you want extra button and led (DIN/DOUT) you need MB_NG and core32, as connect MF_NG to core where you lost the HUI option (MIOS32 don't handle as is the HUI raw midi "double CC" data) this is more or less what I design except the linear motor driver in place of the MF_NG PWM driver I have compiled a special MB_NG app which handle HUI data, as config files (.NGR .NGC) for it, but I don't look into this since a year I think... I have no issue to share this files, but there is no "official" support for it (nor extensive and long run test) Best Zam  
  7. Hello Before going further you have to fit the fader in the console and test audio with it... You'll see if FM_NG work for you regarding noise, both EMI and sliding (from my experience the cheap ALPS  with carbon track have lot of wiper sliding noise) As already say I was able to use HUI protocol (special MB_NG compilation to handle HUI dual CC which is not NRPN ), but not tested with PT. I also test long time ago (don't remember details...) to run the system in MCU and use miditranslator to convert the data to raw midi HUI (wile the DAW set to HUI) which worked. Anyway, my system is way more expensive than a MF_NG + alps fader, so if what you achieve with this setup fit your need you better stick with it. Best Zam  
  8. 19" Rack MBFM with extended frontpanel

    The "round" with 1mm milling tools represent 15/100 "error" at tangent also, 5x3mm milling for 5x3mm LED will probably not fit, you need anyway little room for "soft" mounting 5.3x3.3 mm cutout with 1mm tool (0.5mm round at corner) is fine and you'll probably never notice 15/100mm room around the led. Then there is the option to mill "inside" the corner, don't know the name of this technic, but it work too, close to unnoticeable by eyes with 1mm tool Best Zam  
  9. I have one spare set (for me...) left , and I don't plane to sold blank pcb anymore What is your need and for what purpose (console retrofit ?) We can discuss further via PM and mail Best Zam  
  10. Hello Patrick I was able to use HUI with my DAW (which is not PT), but never go further nor perform test in PT, for various reason. Best Zam
  11. Chain MIDIboxes

    I have a 3 cores "chain" one master to/from computer and DAW via USB midi (4 port enabled) Two slaves, both connected to master via direct J11 connection, uart midi (same PSU and short cable). Using NG, master have global router function enabled, UART1 to/from USB2 and UART2 to/from USB3, USB1 being master I also have few special routing at master (via sender/receiver) to handle functions that I have at slave HW and requested as master events (USB1) for DAW (like transport) So my computer/DAW see 4 midi USB port at my "MCU device", my DAW talk with each one and the master core handle routing to slave Best Zam  
  12. @Antichambre OK! Best Zam
  13. Hello I'm back with two questions Is there any code modification for various MCP320x in muxed configuration ? Color TFT is so great, how this is handled ? I suppose there is massive special driver for it... Anyway I'll have a look when code available again, un grand bravo ! Best Zam
  14. Hello Bruno Nothing to say...just great... Best Zam   ps: I'll come back later with maybe more to say
  15. Spacers & screws for Midibox SID kit?

    Hello I guess it's all metric... so M3 if 3mm Best Zam