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  1. Midi forwarding with modification

    Hello Frank   Honestly most of your request/question here are handled by MB_NG, none will explain what is already explained at NG user manual Please have an extended read about it (i'm sure you already have some), write your .NGC / .NGR files and share when it don't work, then we can help fixing part of the configuration files. NG is powerful, sometimes there is different way available to achieve same result, it really depend of the whole picture, so again with a preliminary .NGC at your side it might help us helping you   now, 1- check if_equal= parameter 2- check fwd_id parameter 3 and 4 -check meta and snapshot 5- not sure want you want here but maybe check bank mechanisme 6- I already give you some idea about it, you have to try if it work... Best Zam
  2. Sammich FM power supply?

    Hi Welcome here. Seem non legit seller to me, the ebay description is a copy/past from the wiki ...but I can be wrong. About power supply, you need 9V 500mA, that's common, pick whatever you find (SMPS should not be an issue) Best Zam
  3. Midi forwarding with modification

    Hello Frank Everything is well documented at the NG user manual, specifically .NGC configuration file info for matrix and AINSER, with examples For HW id, first pin first SR is ID one, second pin first SR is ID 2....first pin second SR is ID 9 etc... You can monitor SR nb in debug mode. Best Zam  
  4. Midi forwarding with modification

    You can monitor in mios studio what output to the core when you send a specific command via the terminal, you can try to copy this stream and send it with NG core in a button event type=sysex stream="..." Best Zam
  5. Midi forwarding with modification

    Ok, my bad, I just look at MB_KB manual, I was thinking it use the same .NGC .NGR text event definition but it's only configurable via mios studio terminal. Maybe its possible from other midi device (like NG) to trick sysex stream to enter and send data/config bit like mios studio ? Best Zam
  6. Midi forwarding with modification

    It's up to you to define the event type you want to use as a trig for other event. The idea is to have different event activated depending of button status or external midi, it work. Now for transpose (in a NG router) I maybe just find something: receiver with note=all and use_key_number=1 to process the note n° range= have to be a map like (for 1octave transpose) 0:11 11:23 23:31 etc... You can also use a button that set pitchbend to different fixed value? Best Zam  
  7. Midi forwarding with modification

    yes you use 2 core... KB+NG what about KB remote from NG for those particular function ? I mean a button at NG that send CC, nrpn or sysex to KB core that flip/change those functions (with dummy led or button receiver that handle the status, used as conditional like I explain before) Right now I don't see how to format note transpose at NG without a keyboard directly hooked to it (with functions named below) Best Zam
  8. Midi forwarding with modification

    I'm not used to keyboard with MB_NG but there is kb_transpose= and kb_velocity_map= You can define multiples KB event id (same hw_id), with different map, then select the proper event with a button (if_equal=) Best Zam
  9. Midi forwarding with modification

    Hello Frank NG offer midi router, but it seem it's not enough for your need You should then use event sender/receiver to format/forward midi event, in addition with conditional definition you can flip or select different midi mapping depending of some buttons status e.g for all notes from ch1 to ch4 if button 1 is pressed (simplified definitions)   event_receiver id=1 fwd_id=sender:1 type=noteon key=all chn=1 if_equal=button:1:127 event_sender id=1 type=noteon key=all chn=4 event_button id=1 range=0:127 button_mode=toggle Best Zam
  10. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Hello You'll never know as i guess you don't test the chip before soldering I tend to think it's an overheat soldering issue My first TLV soldering 3 years ago had a dead channel (AOUT_NG pcb), I know my soldering was not good then with no flux available and I take to long time to solder pin per pin... overheat Now I have about 6 TLV soldered in my dedicated pcb, I use lot of flux, low solder quantities and tip slip technique, soldering one side in one path, less than 2 second move for 10 pin No issue with this component since TLV don't like heat... Best Zam
  11. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Hi Andre Without looking right now at TLV spec your observations seem out of DAC spec, are you sure you don't have gain error somewhere else or load issue which sink the buffer/amp ? Do you observe the same at TLV output, unloaded ? However the interpolation maps at NG are absolutely great !!! (especially the 16bit one) and having an on the fly point value "set and save" will be more than great Best Zam
  12. MBSEQ V4 build with MIDI, CV and DIGITAL OUT

    Hello Nice build ! Stud insert from Schaffer is great !!! Used it in one of my design too, I'm a "no visible screw" freak since Best Zam  
  13. Defining microtonal/custom scales?

    Hi I also think there is a something possible with NG -individual event receiver definition for each notes forwarded to two sender, one for note one for PB -or a global receiver (note=all) forwarded to two sender (note and PB) with conditional according to receiver note value Best Zam    
  14. MBSeqv4 Power Requirements

    How many LEDs !?! ... don't know the limiting resistor value at these built but 300mA is 30 LEDs @ 10mA, easy to get ! Best Zam
  15. Hi Theo A 2 min search at mouser return this Best Zam