Software debounce for encoders?

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Hello again, 

I would like to do some kind of software debouncing for my encoders. I have them at DETENTED3 and FAST 2 now, this gives the right frequency and step size of value changes in relation to the turning velocity. However, the introduction of FAST mode brings a problem: when the encoder bounces, the value suddenly moves very fast, as the algorithm notices very rapid value changes in the SRIO chain, then applies acceleration and generates a big value jump. 

Is it possible to debounce the encoders? I can see in the code that only buttons are debounced now. I was wondering whether there is some way to activate it for encoders.



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I did some tests today on this topic. I had very good success by simply debouncing the encoders with two caps of 0.1uF between the common pin and the output pins. This can even be done on the encoders pins themselves, no need to change the PCB. Now I have not had a single bounce so far during my tests. Seems to work and is simple enough for me to do in hardware.

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