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I'm sorry for cross-posting but maybe someone can help me here.

I try to build the Goom synth app and getting this error message during 'make'. Linux Mint 16 Petra 64-bit.

Creating object file for notestack.c
Creating object file for mini_cpp.cpp
Creating object file for freertos_heap.cpp
Creating object file for wave.s
sed: can't read project_build/src/wave.dd: No such file or directory
make: *** [project_build/src/wave.o] Error 2

If I re-run the make, it finishes successfully but the resulting file is incomplete (smaller than the original and functional pre-built Goom project.hex from the repo).

I checked the system variables (PATH's etc.) and all should be fine. (Have to check again, I'm not on the build machine now).

Does anyone have an idea what could be missing? Thanks in advance!


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