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Pedalboard midification using a keyboard


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I am new to MIDI and I have a question.

I plan to "midify" a traditional church organ pedalboard by making the pedals hit the white keys of an M-Audio Keystation 61es keyboard.

I would therefore need to assign the notes 036 to 067 (C1 to G3) in their natural order (C,C#,D...) to exclusively the white keys of the keyboard, such that pressing the C1 key would send 036 to the computer, pressing the D1 key would send 037 (C1#), pressing the E1 key would send 038 (D1), and so on.

I would be glad for a hint for any software or hardware solution.

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Ok, I follow your wanting to midify the pedalboard, but "making the pedals hit the white keys of an M-Audio keyboard..." eludes me, especially the "hit"

Do you want to play the m-audio board system  from the organ pedalboard, or play the pedalboard notes on the organ from the M-audio keyboard?

Midifying the pedalboard to add contacts which can be wired to an encoder is easy.  modifying the m-audo keyboard to insert a contact, or to modify the internal circuitry is something else entirely.

Can you clarify exactly what your intentions are.

In the meantime, you may want to search the midibox forum for "midifying a pedalboard"


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