Arpeggiator not forwarding CC's?

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I've been extensively investigating the arpeggiator of the SEQ V4 recently. most of the time I play it directly ('live') from a keyboard plugged to the SEQ V4 ...it's AMAZING!!! very sophisticated but still quite easy to use. Sometimes I'm just fiddling for hours with my new combo Keyboard > SEQ V4 > TTSH... very meditative! makes me smile...

But now my question: The arpeggiator does not seem to forward other information than notes (note stackes) to the respective track via the selected Bus, e.g. PitchBend, ModWheel or other CC

so i can not play an arpeggio with the keyboard and use PitchBend over the same Bus from the same keyboard at the same time?

is that true? did I miss anything? workaround?


btw. same seems to be true for the transposer




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