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OSC support


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i'm trying to evaluate the best way to control VST plugins. These plugins mostly have Midi CC's implemented and it should be possible via an VST host to communicate via OSC instead of MIDI/CC.

The manual states 'upcoming' for NG OSC support.


What is the state of NG/OSC implementation? And do you generally think it's the best way to go instead of MIDI?

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Thanks for hint @novski

I'd like to keep things as standard and simple as possible. I don't predict many MIDI events in parallel in normal operation. Maybe when a patch change in the plugin have to be synced back to controller? I've the feeling OSC or RTP could be a bit over top for a synth controller, but I've no idea.

Firsti've to ensure that MIOS/Core32 is capable of doing all the internal parameter handling for me.



The plugin host has to support RTP MIDI, right? OSC is supported be some.

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