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  1. Where are you located? I think i have several to give away, but i am in Switzerland. Postal costs are high in our sweet island…
  2. Maybe you whant to check/update the list: http://www.midibox.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=midi_interface_blacklist
  3. novski

    8xOLED PCB

    Nice Work. I did same once. See: http://wiki.midibox.org/doku.php?id=fadercore_-_vlr-8odisp i think i have some pcb still laying around.
  4. novski

    Dout r5 wanted

    Where are you located?
  5. Well then something in your country, Firewall or so must be broken. I get this: http://wiki.lividinstruments.com/wiki/Main_Page#Builder http://lividinstruments.com/dl/BrainV2JRConfigure_107.dmg http://lividinstruments.com/dl/Brain_v2_JR_Configure_Installer_107.exe http://shop.lividinstruments.com/content/Project%20Resources%20-%20Button%20Box.zip http://shop.lividinstruments.com/content/Project%20Resources%20-%20Fader%20Box.zip
  6. Try this link http://lividinstruments.com/integration/builder-integration-guide/
  7. You have to wire the touch inputs to GND.
  8. Hi Unfortunately this forum is somehow quiet lastly. That can change during WinthertimeS. I think the base that this project gives is not built anywhere else yet that flexible. So i don‘t have you any alternative. The problem of this project is its diversity. It covers more midi related tasks than you can imagine. The learning curve is steep. But its not impossible. You seam to have some knowleage in electronics, you will also need sole in software. If you have both you should try to understand the software and buld small parts at one time. To get started and learn where the information is located. if you dig in to software its a help to know that the code is well commented and you can learn from there as well. I never did a CV project so i can not help directly but i receive emails from this forum. Regards
  9. Do you use the same powersupply when testing the second core?
  10. yes, saddly i never got to build your Faderautomation zam.
  11. everything? WOW. Thats like 200-300kg. Are you in Switzerland? Think i have to send you a photo to give you a picture what all it covers... Maybe its beter you visit me...
  12. Hi there, im selling all my midibox stuf because of a shift of my interessts lately. I have : about 100 Alps Faders of the cheap ones, about 30 Alps Faders of the expensive ones, about 40 Rotaryencoders with Color LED RGB about 200 pcb's i designed myself. go have a look at my github account: https://github.com/novski I have two of these cases: (i kindly got them from Screaming_Rabbit some Years (?) ago for free, so who is willing to pick them up i will give away for free again.) And the Fadermodule inside is for sell as well: Its midibox compatible. Just you need to find out how by your self. :-) There is a RTP-MIDI module from BEBDigitalAudio and some RGB Button modules like this: link I have more Midibox pcb's and testing stuf, i can't list it all... Just ask or visit if you are from/in Switzerland. Regards, Novski
  13. I think i have some left over. Whats the country to send it to?
  14. novski

    OSC support

    theres a topic about rtpMIDI maybe you should consider that one. Its faster and more reliable. Regards, Novski
  15. I got a e-mail from a new user that asked me if this website is dead. He can not activate his new-registered accout because of a missing registration e-mail. I tried it myself and i don't get it eather... seams like midibox.org/forum is not sendig it... Maybe @TK. can give the hoster or webmaster a note? Regards, Novski
  16. 2,54mm pinheader with 2 and 4 pin's.
  17. Hi, I have some Faders and Pots mounted to a PCB that i don't use anymore. Is anybody interested in that stuff? PCB's are useless. Faders shipped as on foto. I don't whant to spend money for shipping. The parts are for free.
  18. wow, nice performance!
  19. the STM32F4 has a I2S onboard... http://ucapps.de/mbhp_core_stm32f4.html
  20. The Motorfader is connected to the MF_NG board and the MF_NG board is controlled by the core. Why should that not be midi? Especialy as you may whant to conntroll some software (?) over midi anyway... What are you thinking to build?
  21. Well the Faders are made with the MF_NG 8bit uC in old fashion. Its a bit tricky to geth them to talk in a chain but Touch works with the crome knobs... I think latigid on missunderstood the foto. The MF_NG is not visuable here... Its not connected direct to the Core else than over J8/9 serial... The Frontplate is CAD drawn in Frontplattendesigner and exported to give it in a local production for a prototype. The enclosure is a gift from Screaming_Rabbit and i even have another one to give away. Its just a bit big to ship, so if anybody whants to pick it up in Switzerland feel free to contact me. All the modules are opensource available on Github in form of Eagle Schematics, Layouts and if you whant a single pcb i sell. I just didn't have time to get all together yet... Regards, Novski
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