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Hi There

I built myself a 64 pot / 64 button / 32 LED Midibox 64 back in 2010 which is still working much to my suprise. Especially as I never fixed the PCBS into the case under the frontpanel! Anyway I bought some components back in 2013 for a new smaller project that I never got around too and I have a new tool I want to make and just wanted your advice given it seems various things have changed especially with the new MIOs 32 boards.


A minimal 12 rotary encoder box. Not sure about LED feedback.

Aim - a Logic EQ and strip volume controller as an assistant for mixing.


1, Considering the fact I have all the components bar the encoders for the new project, am I really missing anything if I stick with the old board and components I already have (£100s worth)? I really dont fancy reordering and this is aprtly a way of using stuff up.

2, I never managed to get bank shifts working and can't find an explanation that solves that here. Can you clarify Ii one encoder (or many) has SPST switches, could I program the box so that pushing these changes the CC values to an alternate and thus one encoder (when the button was switched) could have 2 functions?

So 4 encoders could each be both Gain and Q for their respective EQ points and if I push their button to through the switch they change mode?

If the above is true I think I could do:

A Make all encoder push switches have the same CC value so pushing one switch would change all 4 encoders to be Q values rather than gain. So pushing any of the switched will change the mode of all of the switches


B Make pushing 1 encoder's switch only change the bank for that single encoder.

Any suggestions about improvements I could make? I just thought all the knowledge here might flag if I am missing something obvious. I might build in LED feedback if I can get it to work.

Thanks in advance.

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