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back in 2013, when I had spare time for personal project I built a guitar pedal switcher for the bassist in our band with MIOS on the PIC18f. It has been rapidly discussed in french here, and used without issues for about two years on stage in his pedalboard.

With the current version it has the following features :

  • Midi In/out/through
  • LCD display with menu for options and presets
  • 8 relays with either switched or momentary state
  • 4 menu buttons, 8 relay command buttons with LED indicator
  • 100 user presets with midi recall
  • 4 programmable quick access buttons (footswitch recall preset) with LED indicator
  • grouping (radio mode) of relay buttons is possible

You can see pictures on the unit on this album, and code with some infos can be downloaded from the post

I thought about updating the wiki page with my built, and never effectively did it.

Today I'm running a musical instruments repair business (www.audiotronic.fr), and doing builds on user request.

I've been asked to design a similar system for a new french company willing to build pedalboard with integrated switcher system, and when I showed him my build he found the design of the system to be simple and effective and would like something very similar.

So here I have two options : use the existing midibox code as a start (hence this request), or redo the thing from scratch on another system.

There will be no secrets in the coding of this switcher, so I'd feel comfortable in sharing the updates in the code, while not mentioning the final product name publicly would make sense.

I've not been an very active user in the midibox community, so let me know how you feel about this.


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