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midibox Dj controller

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I try to make a Dj controller with midibox NG. I try to make a 2 decks with possibility to control 4 decks. I can control the 4 decks with 2 button per side (deck 1-3 and deck 2-4) the problem is when I start the controller (with or without a dj software), the right deck is not active (I need to push the deck 2 or 4 button to activate it and be able to contol it).

so how can I have the left and right decks active in the same time?

I join my basic .NGC 



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I just have a quick look at your ngc (hard to read without text reformatting...)

You have some led fwd without led definition

also multiple event (same hw_id) with same id

For your problem what I suspect is that your button 23/24 have a radio group (2) with respectively range 3 and 4,

there is chance that at start the radio group 2 will have value 1 by default.

Maybe just try value=3 at EVENT_BUTTON    id=502    hw_id=23





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