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[S] MidiBox SID Modules with MOS 6581


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Hi all,

I'm clearing out unfinished projects and found this MidiBox SID that I'll never complete. The individual modules were tested after construction, the SID chip was removed from a working C64, and the construction was done in my old university electronics lab. That said, it's been sitting in storage for a dozen years, and I no longer have the equipment (or time) to do any testing or additional work.

I'd like it to go to a member of this community if possible! The following lot is for sale:

  • MBHP SID Module V2 with MOS 6581 R3 (production date 2185)
  • MBHP Core V3 with MIOS Bootstrap v 1.1B, SmashTV circuit board
  • MBHP Digital In Module V2, SmashTV circuit board
  • Commodore 128 power supply P/No. 310416-01 with female connector (not pictured below, sorry!)
  • Optrex DMC2066 2x40 LCD
  • ribbon cables for connecting all of the above modules

I will not part this lot out, though you may opt out of the C128 power supply (heavy!) and/or LCD (dime a dozen) if you like.

Please make a fair offer if interested. You pay actual shipping from 97633, or meet me in southern Oregon. USA buyers only, please.

MidiBox SID Lot


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