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  1. wtb lpc 17 core board and Sid 8580r5 chips

    Sure thing, just PM'd you
  2. [WTB] PIC18F4685 with MIOS

    Want to buy one PIC18F4685 with MIOS bootloader burned on it.
  3. [S] MidiBox SID Modules with MOS 6581

    Hi Riggs, which PIC is this? PIC18F4685?
  4. wtb lpc 17 core board and Sid 8580r5 chips

    Hi Scott I have two SID 8580 chips, I can check the R later, one is tested and working fine, the other worked fine the last time I used it but I can still throw it in my Midibox SID to make sure it's working.
  5. Seq V4 Gate Outputs - Gate, Slide, Accent like in SID V2?

    from  SEQ_CV_SendPackage in  core/seq_cv.c: // if channel 1..8: set only note value on CV OUT #1..8, triggers Gate #1..8 // if channel 9..12: set note/velocity on each pin pair (CV OUT #1/2, #3/4, #5/6, #7/8), triggers Gate #1+2, #3+4, #5+6, #7+8 // if channel 13..15: set velocity/note on each pin pair (CV OUT #1/2, #3/4, #5/6), triggers Gate #1+2, #3+4, #5+6 // if channel 16: trigger the extension pins (DOUT) This is entirely new to me! Is the pairing feature only available via the actual tracks 9-15 on the Seq? So this way there already is a velocity feature implemented, which is much more desirable than accent on/off anyway! But instead of duplicating the gate signal across the paired pins, #1/2, #3/4, #5/6, #7/8, couldn't the second pin of each pair go high when velocity exceeds 100? Which would naturally also happen when the accent trig is active? This way there'd be note, velocity, accent, all in one flexible package... Or am I misunderstanding something?
  6. Seq V4 Gate Outputs - Gate, Slide, Accent like in SID V2?

    My focus lies on slide and accent information, so I guess I'll answer my own question with "no" Slide (or better glide) is taken care of by the Seq itself, which leaves accent. So I am assuming that a hack is possible, e.g. output a logic high on a separate DOUT pin whenever the track step's velocity is above 100?
  7. Apologies if this has been explained before and I simply didn't find it. See title. Correct me if I'm wrong: the SID V2 engine seems to offer the option to directly forward various information to the "gate" output pins, including gate, slide, and accent information (when using the bassline or drum mode) Is the same possible with the SEQ V4? Or are the gate outputs (I will be using a dedicated DOUT shift register) somehow hard-wired to pair up with their respective CV channels? Like gate 1 always goes with CV 1 (and outputs the gates of the track that CV 1 is assigned to)
  8. MIDIbox CV V2 Concept

    I've been testing the CV V2 app on my Core LPC17 and I'm using the standard SCS. Is it still the case that no sequencer features are available via the SCS? Are they only available from the lemur/ipad/touch screen? Or is the LPC17 firmware not updated anymore, i.e. I'd have to get a STM32F4 to get access to more and/or newer features? Thanks
  9. LPCXpresso ide

    Thanks midiwanted!  
  10. Page scroll with 4x20 LCD

    I'm one of those guys with a 4x20 LCD and 10 buttons  on their SID v2 (5 above, 5 below). Menu scrolling is great, just not perfectly intuitive. Right now I am diving into the code and trying  to make the necessary changes to make the menu scroll 5 (or even 10) parameters at a time (which equals one full line, or a full page). I just feel like this is more intuitive than the current way of scrolling through the parameters one at a time. Even, say, on a 2-line LCD it doesn't feel optimal for me because it would feel better to know that, i.e. I can find OSC always at the first entry either in line 1&2 or 3&4, instead of having the positions just floating around arbitrarily Long story short, I'd like the menu scrolling to scroll 5 parameters at a time instead of 1. This is the passage I believe I need to edit: (found in /src/ ;; -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ;; called by when the menu pos should be updated ;; item in CS_MENU_PARAMETER_L ;; -------------------------------------------------------------------------- CS_MENU_MenuPosUpdate ;; copy result to cursor pos and request display update movf CS_MENU_PARAMETER_L, W andlw 0x3f movwf CS_MENU_CURSOR_POS ;; set page offset directly movwf CS_MENU_PAGE_OFFSET ;; now request a display update so that we see the new parameter on screen bsf CS_STAT, CS_STAT_DISPLAY_UPDATE_REQ ;; clear counter so that counts from zero and the menu item is marked for a short time clrf CS_CURSOR_CTR ;; clear "CS_STAT_CURSOR_FLASH" bit (see for the handling) bcf CS_STAT, CS_STAT_CURSOR_FLASH ;; thats all return I did have limited success by changing the number "3F" to values like "3E", "3D" etc. but then the binary counting the encoder works with (does it?) got messed up, meaning the page scrolled by x times 1 parameter, buy only on every x-th turn of the encoder. I also was able to indeed make the page scroll in full lines by adding values with ADDLW instead of doing the ANDLW but then obviously scrolling back didn't work.   Has anyone been working on something similar and could point me in the right direction?
  11. [S] TPD (Track Position Display) PCBs for sale

    cool, will pm you
  12. [S] TPD (Track Position Display) PCBs for sale

    Hi Ilmenator, do you have 1 spare available for me? Thanks!
  13. Midi CC Audio channels

    I think the voice CC have been changed recently, rendering the txt file on outdated. Are you using CC# 13-15? (See the txt file included in the firmware package.)   Just to be sure..