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W10 not installing MIDI driver from Core[Solved]

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Hey guys,

I'm working on a MBSeq, and right now I'm trying to get my STM32F407G-DISC1 to be recognized by Win10. I've installed ST-Link and successfully burned the bootstrap firmware onto it. I've also done the firmware update and it was successful. When I hit the black reset button, I get the green led flashing twice like the documentation states. I did the PA9-5V jumper, but when I connect via micro-USB, I don't get any MIDI devices installed in Windows 10. The larger LED to the right of the Mini-USB blinks red. 

Did I miss something? When I go into MIOS Studio, it doesn't show any midi devices.




As usual, after I give up and post for help, I figure it out - it turned out to be a bad USB cable! 

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