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  1. MBSeqv4 Power Requirements

    Thanks guys, I ended up going with a wired meanwell 5V supply. I pull the + and - 12v for the AOUT from my eurorack powersupply. Everything is working great now. I used to get some pulsing of the backlight LEDs on the LCDs, but now it is rock solid. Justin
  2. It would be great to be able to plug a keyboard into MIOS devices. Labeling tracks, sessions, etc with an alpha keyboard would sweet. 
  3. update via UART midi

    I can't help out too much, but maybe the way Wilba's Main Board for the SID is built would work here? Add a 2x4 pin header and wire the midi in from each core to one side and the other side to the midi in socket. Normally the jumper is on the first pins to communicate with core #1.  Then move the jumper to switch which core you are "talking" to? Just an idea.
  4. [WTB] PIC18F4685 with MIOS

    I can sell you one for $15 + shipping to Taiwan. They cost me 10.16 + 4.99 to get from Mouser.com. I have a blank one on hand. Edit: I can of course program the bootloader and MIOS on it - I have a PICKit 2
  5. Mongbox Enclosure

    That must have been it. I just downloaded the zip file and extracted the SVG, and it is working fine. Sorry to bug you!
  6. New wilba CS - button problems

    I think it still functions ok without all the LEDs. While I was waiting for my panel to arrive, I just soldered one R/G led for step one and the BPM LED to test it, and it worked fine with just those connected.
  7. New wilba CS - button problems

    Just an idea, take out one IC at a time and see at what point the LCDs stop going crazy. Maybe that will help you find the problem area? Justin  
  8. Strange button behaviour

    I bet all you need to do is put a piece of electrical tape on the LCD where it could touch the buttons above or below the LCD. I remember having weird stuff happen before I did that. Justin
  9. AOUT + Line Driver HELP needed, no CV

    Have you tried using the CV calibration page? When I have an issue, it is usually because I forgot to connect the +/- from my euro rack to the south. Also, a few times when I haven't gotten CV, a reboot fixed it. Probably not your issue, but just in case.
  10. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Thanks Thorsten - It works perfectly of course once I disabled TrgA! I am still trying to wrap my head around this machine.
  11. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Is this a bug: Say I have a bass line. I change layers D & E to Filter Cuttoff and Resonance. Then I go to the random page. I turn the layer A knob all the way down to --. And change layer D & E to 63. If I select random, I do get randomized values for D&E, but I also get them for layer A - notes even though I turned off layer A. If my bass line is only a few notes, after I hit randomize, I get a note for every step, even when layer A is turned off. Thanks
  12. Seq V4 for the visually impaired

    Hi, A big (all-in-one) control surface PCB is nice to have, but it is not absolutely necessary. You can build the separate modules and connect them together and get the exact same functionality as the MB Sequencer. You just have to figure out how to mount the buttons, LEDs, and encoders.I don't know if anyone here is going to want to design a "on-off" board. That is a lot of work (well beyond my abilities:).  As far as power draw goes, you can power a MBSeq from an external source. I have mine powered by a 5V 10 AMP power supply - this one: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005T6TLMI/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Of course I don't expect it to draw anywhere near 10 AMPs. If you post a link to the displays you plan to use, we can take a look at the specs. Regards, Justin
  13. Question about required pcbs for this project

    Hi Amenard, For the MidiBox Sid with Wilba's control panel, all that is needed is the main and control surface PCBs. Some builders add an AOUT board so that they can add CV outs to control analog stuff, but that is not necessary. Everything you need is on those two boards. Hope this helps, Justin
  14. Strange button behaviour

    Just a guess, but I would inspect all the solder joints on the IC's. Since the buttons are connected with a matrix, a stray blob of solder or some other bridge could cause weird results. I could swear there is a firmware you can upload that tells you which pin each button is connected to, but I don't see it in the troubleshooting section of the MIOS8 uploads.
  15. Using with a USB Powered Keyboard

    Thanks, that helps a lot. I considered the idea of a slide switch also. I appreciate the link...