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Panel Angle Question


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Hi Guys,

I have my MBSeq board almost done and I have the core done and loaded, so it is time to think about a case!

I am either going to get a front panel laser cut, or I am going to CNC my own out of Baltic birch plywood like I did for the MBSid I am also assembling.

My question goes out to those of you who have used your MBSeq's for a while.

Would you prefer a sloped (angled) panel face, or a flat face? It seems like the majority built are rectangular boxes, but I am leaning toward some sort of enclosure with a sloped front.

What are your thoughts?



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Thanks everyone - it seems like most would like to have the angled panel for usage, but it is good to have the flat version when needed. I will be making my case out of wood, so an idea I just had would be to make it rectangular, and then put a couple rare earth magnets in the end panels. Then I could make some matching end panels with a sloped shape. The magnets would hold the end panels on and place the sequencer in an angled position.

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