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  1. Aout_NG Not working on midibox seqv4

    Thanks a lot for your help! I bought my DAC from ebay and to be honest I am now buying it from mouser so I have more trust in it. I will report back here in a while.   Cheers   Tim  
  2. Aout_NG Not working on midibox seqv4

    Ok thanks, the LED was wrongly soldered. The led is now working when connected the board without DAC. The DAC did not survive :( I will get a new one.   And will report back here.   thanks for your help   Cheers   Tim  
  3. Aout_NG Not working on midibox seqv4

    Ohhh no I removed the DAC yesterday but looking back to my notes I actually had 5v on pin 5 on the dac (/PRE ). I just learned that the flatside of the led symbol means Cathode, which is the - So there is a high change that I have the LED connected wrongly. I mean 5v on the /PRE input should light up the LED right? Would wrongly placing the led mean a non working aout? If the led is wrong I will re solder the old DAC first otherwise I will bet on  a new one.      
  4. Aout_NG Not working on midibox seqv4

    Hi Slo,   Thanks for the help. From the AOUT documentation: "You can leave out the TL074s for a first test. Then connect J1 to the core. Power up your Midibox. If the LED doesn't light up, IMMEDIATELY switch off power and re-check all connections and soldering." "If the LED is on, you can now connect analog power (+/- 12V) to J3." So I expected the led to power up, but it doesn't I ran the tests and get: Pin 1 VS, 2, VD CS test J1 pin 3 high SI test J1 pin 4 high SC test J1 pin 5 high So the wiring seems good.   Cheers   Tim
  5. Aout_NG Not working on midibox seqv4

    Hmmm hope I did not burn anything. I rewired J1 and ran the test from MIOS studio, Now I have CS test J1 pin 3 high SI test J1 pin 4 high SC test J1 pin 5 high But no led flashes  
  6. Aout_NG Not working on midibox seqv4

    Testing not on the DAC but on j1. I also learned that you have to set the pin low manually after a test otherwise it stays hight. - testaoutpin cs 1 sets J1(4) SI high -testaoutpin sc 1 sets J1(3) CS -testaoutpin si 1 sets (J15) SC high
  7. Hi Guys, I am finaly near the end of my build of a seq4. Only need to have the Aout_ng and possible the D-out working.  The D-out I will try to build on a breadboard for some extra gates and clocks. Realy looking forward for the awesomeness of controlling a modular with the midibox. Thanks again TK for bringing the AWESOME project to the public. Would you have any idea what can be the issue here with my aout_ng? Does anything below indicate wrong wiring? MBSEQ_GC.V4: "CV_AOUT_Type" and set it to 3 for AOUT_NG And on the CV Configuration Page the aout_ng is set. Core STM32F4 AOUT_NG on j19 Connected like J1:1 -> J19:Vs J1:2 -> J19:Vd J1:3 -> J19:RC1 J1:4 -> J19:SO J1:5 -> J19:SC At least I hope. No led is enabled on the Aout after booting the midibox and the DAC is not getting warm. I have only J1-j19 connected so no 12-/+ V on J3 On pin 20 on the TL5630 I got 4.5V on pin 11 as well -Aout not set in the config 4.5v on pin5, 20, 23 and 11 of the dac -Aout set in the config 4.5v on pin2, 5, 20, 23, 11 of the dac [6016.659] Setting AOUT:CS pin to ca. 5V - please measure now! 4.5v on pin2, 3, 4, 5 of the dac [6016.659] Setting AOUT:CI pin to ca. 5V - please measure now! 4.5v on pin2, 3, 4, 5 of the dac [6476.996] Setting AOUT:SC pin to ca. 5V - please measure now! 4.5v on pin2,3,4,5 of the dac   Does anybody has a hint what I should check? Thanks in advance,   Cheers   Tim
  8. Panel Angle Question

    Hi Justin, Yes Me too, I have a simple ponoko wooden case. And I would prefer an angled panel indeed.
  9. Hi Guys, I am looking to buy a mbhp_midi_io ( On or smash tv they are not available. Does anybody know where to get one or has 1 for sale? Preferably in europe ? Cheers, Tim    
  10. D-Sub 25 output question

    Both thanks a lot for your help.  Cheers  Tim
  11. D-Sub 25 output question

    Thanks a lot, I think what I will have todo.  Great idea to also put the +/-12V connections there. Probably I will juts make a eurorack panel with all 32 Dout, 8 cv outs and the +/-12V going to the MidiBox. Cheers, Tim  
  12. D-Sub 25 output question

    Hi All, I have a question regarding the Dsub 25 output connector that I would like to use without the transmitter PCB, but with a Aout-ng and D-out. Do I need to use a seperate ground for every output or can these be shared in some case? I mean is the max 12 outputs total; using 24 wires or can i get more my sharing the ground? Thanks,   Cheers Tim      
  13. Waiting for parts

    Wow Awesome indeed!
  14. 16F88 programming issues

    In the process I managed to destroy one programmer and 2 pics. ( by trying to apply 13.5v on the pic ) 3 other pics that had dataprotect enabled I could easily recover by selecting [VDD 5v] and erase the chip. Thanks everyone for your help. Cheers Tim
  15. 16F88 programming issues

    Whoohoo This noob is so happy, I managed to flash the pics with a pickit 2 clone from ebay (see the picture below). Once I connected the module to j4a 4 lights flashed and in mios is can see the IIC module is detected!!! It is much easier than I thought. Just connect the pic directly to the programmer, no external voltage. (thanks latigid on and Yogi!) 1. Connect the Pickit 2 clone to the chip icsp header        16F88 pin 1 vpp                  4 2 vdd                  14             3 GND/vss          5              4 PGD/DAT         13 5 PGC/CLK         12 6 Aux / NC 2. In the Pickit2 software: Select [Device Family], [Midrange], [Standard] 3. Your device should be detected. ( If not its either broken or the conenctions are wrong ) 4. Open the hex file and select [Write] after that [Verify] 5. Just to be sure I restarted the Pickit2 software and  selected [Read] again. If all went well and you used ( you should see the same as on the screenshot.