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  1. Ah yeah I have see, looks cool. But taking account step delays might offer semi unquantized recording in Seqv4 as well. Although I have no idea what the scope of this is and if Seqv4 has enough resources to handle it. Cheers Tim
  2. I read in the manual that Quantize: than lower the percentage value, than lower the quantization (-> events not shifted to the next step) Does this mean that the MB seq can do unquantized recordings or semi unquantized recordings? Are step delay's used for placing the notes on the right location? I sure hope its the case as its mandatory for my workflow. Last time I checked MB was not able to do this. Thanks Tim
  3. The same happened to me. Its dangerous to buy dac's from ebay. You can't be sure they work. Good to hear its working for you. Cheers Tim
  4. Hi Thorsten, Thanks for the reply. Fully understand. Still great that the metronome is there. Cheers Tim
  5. Hi I tried and found the the midibox metronome. Would be very usefull for livesets using drums. I also found some discussion about the audio dac being able to output the metronome in audio. Is this feature available and how do you enable it? Thanks in advance, Tim
  6. Hi Guys, an metronome on the audio out will be great really. Instead of the beep sound I would prefer the pulse / clicks. When I am drumming these are the only ones that I can hear properly. Anyhow only beeps would also be fine. The online metronome below also has a good sound. Some hybride pulse/beep. Additionally triplets, dotted triplets will be very welcome Actually not sure if its dotted but it can be found here: https://www.imusic-school.com/en/tools/online-metronome/ The button next to triplets, It is very useful when playing swing. Cheers
  7. Maybe the testaoutpin can help you to make sure the connections are ok to the board. For me it wasn't working neither but when i did the following it started to work.
  8. This is awesome, I also have a TR9090 set of pcb's. Doesn't the TR9090 have a midi to trigger that is able to handle velocity? I mean are you triggering from the sequencer from midi or are you using gates?
  9. OK good that you're issue is resolved. Cheers
  10. Isn't there a file browser in MIOS studio?
  11. I am not able to reproduce the bug at all. Aoutng just working fine.
  12. I would try - only the displays and the coreboard - try adjusting the LCD bias. If I remember it correctly there is a trimpot for that on the coreboard. Do I see it correctly and does the Track position display not work as wel? If that is the case forget the LCD bias thing.
  13. Hi Yes, According the manual a midi box should consume between 400 - 1000 ma, depending on the lcds or the type of leds. What power do your lcd's need. I see on the schematic that both 5 and 3.3 v are supported. Have a firm look at the core board schametic i will say. Cheers Tim
  14. 5v from USB is fine, but for the a_out you need + and - 12v. (at the least for the A_out-ng) Currently I am using a DIY eurorack powersupply for testing the a_outng. But I am considering this ones: found this small dc-dc conversters mentioned by Oliver Pichenette @MI ' Traco Power TMR1-1222 or TRN1-1222' Should be able to deliver enought current. And its tiny so you can build it in to your midi box. Alternatively I am considering to take power directly from a eurorack synth. connecting using a dsub 25.
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