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Wiki Frontpage revision suggestion

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Hey guys,

TK gave me wiki access, and I have been chipping away at some minor stuff. I've been adding Mouser parts where they are missing, and I added pages for the Ethernet, Line Driver modules, etc...

I would like to make a small change to the start page of the wiki. Currently, there is the section for the MBHP. Under it, there is "MBHP - the MIDIbox Hardware Platform with detailed information about available modules" and "modules_and_parts - Where to order, part references (eg. how to connect an Encoder)".

The second page has all the parts lists and schematics, and the first page even links to the second. I think it would be better if all the info for each module was listed on the MBHP page, and the second one would be about the parts in general and where to source them.

Please let me know what you think?



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