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Driving Stop Tab Action Solenoids


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Greetings; hope this finds you well!

Did a quick search and didn't find for what I was looking; not sure exactly to whom to direct this feature request or what forum?!?!?

It's been a while since I've looked at all this (I work on the project when I'm feeling well and have time),

    and if it's already been implemented in Midio128 V3, My Bad; Thanks! Please direct me to where I can find the updated DIO program.

I am converting a "Wurlitzer"/Wicks Theater Pipe Organ Console - 3Manual with Second Touch on the Accompanyment Manual,

    32note pedal board, 2swell shoes with Potentiometers, 12combination action pistons per keyboard and 142 StopTabs... and have it pretty well wired up.

All the inputs work and it is playable through Midizter without the stop tabs operating from combination action; which I'm trying to remedy now.

StopTab movements are controlled by solenoids which draw about 0.35Amp EACH... one for Setting the stop and another for Clearing it.

  ...which won't really work if one or the other is left ON or Energized.... they must be Pulsed.

To control a StopTab one would send a ControlChange message to the Micro that senses that StopTab and actuates it's solenoids;

   and in this way, the Micro can examine the sense lead for that StopTab to verify the Tab's current condition before Pulse Firing

   the On or Off solenoid.

I currently have my DOUT boards wired to use the uln2803a open collector outputs to current amplify the DOUT board signals.

And, so, Everything Works, EXCEPT the DOUT outputs aren't pulsed (I have LEDs plugged in at the moment for debugging)

  ... on for a short time like say 100-300ms.

In order for the combination action to turn on and off tabs, it would be best for the Micro to pulse the 0.35Amp outputs

     instead of leaving it/them on for the PTC's to warm up and limit the current.

Also, would it be possible to roll that change into the Pic Based Core8 Module SW... as I currently am using that HW

for my project.... and it works very well.... would be a shame to have to scrap it, since I'm just doing MIDI DIO.

Thanks for the time and consideration!

All the Very Best! Markus


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Hi Markus, just saw your post on converting your Organ to work with HW VPO. I can currently doing the same thing with mine. I have the core STM-32F407G-Disc1, 6 Din, 6 DOUT, MiDI Box, MBHP_DIO_Matrix,  all of which are fully assembled why so many board you might ask, I didn’t know how many will be needed.

currently I have not been able to run the required project. hex on the core using the Mios Studio program. Please look at my previous post dated 04/09/20. Post by Lawrence. I have include all of the pictures with full detail of my problem.  Would you be so kind walking me through my issue.

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