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I have a fully working SEQ V4 and nice blue LCD. It's a custom box with professionnal made front panel. It comes with a wallwart psu, line driver transmitter board in the sequencer case and you can connect it to the  Aout box (not AOUT NG) with the other side of the Line driver (receiver board) . See picture : PHOTO 2

SEQ V4 Software version : V0.95

SEQ V4+wallwart PSU = 350€  :   SOLD


AOUT BOX (with link between transmitter & receiver) 5CV & gates soldered ...others free to use = 80€

I Can provide a psu with +12V/-12V for free  If you buy seq V4 + Aout BOX(psu coming from a dead DAT...Can feed many other machines) but not it's not a really small and compact psu


Second part = PHOTO 1

A) one other seq V4 without box . Software V0.95 installed. FULLY WORKING = 280€    ..now   180€    because I think that's a more DIY price ........ SOLD

B) BLM 16 X 4, everything has been soldered. Quickly tested.....working but no need to use it. = 80€ SOLD

C) LPC1769 unused = 10€

If you buy A+B+C I give you a TPD board....not working...but with led matrix installed on connectors (not directly soldered ;)


You have to add shipping at your charge.

I can ship everywhere....

I hope I don't miss any info ;)


Best regards








PHOTO 1.jpg

photo 2.jpg

photo 3.jpg

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I want to buy the working Seq4.

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Hi Soundbot,

no problem, it's available.

I send you a PM

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