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  1. warpboy

    Dout r5 wanted

    hello SSP, I sent you a PM ;)
  2. warpboy

    Dout r5 wanted

    Hello SSP, I'll look at the price + postage tomorrow in the morning, but what do you think if the price for the 3 boards is 15€ , is it ok for you ? I imagine that the price for the postage should be around 5€, but I will be sure tomorrow ;)
  3. warpboy

    Dout r5 wanted

    Hello, I have 3 DOUT R5 pcbs, never soldered. I'm in France. Let me know if you're still interested ;)
  4. hello Jaytee, ok, I understand ;) I ll try to contact him on Muffwigglers thank you for your reply :)
  5. Hello , Does someone have some news from Julianf ? I ve bought the last panels kit for a seq V4 on is website one month ago, but I have absolutely no news from my order I ve already sent two messages via the contact form without any answer. I can't imagine it's volontary from him, but now I have paid 143€ with paypal and I am a bit disapointed .... Any info would be appreciated Thank you W
  6. Hello Kartoshka, thank you for your reply ! I'm interested to buy it I'm in France. Can you give me the price with shipping ? Let me know if you need my complete adress. best regards Fabien
  7. Hello Kartoshka, I'm interested by the case, I don't know what could be the price as Heidenreich sells with minimum quantity of 10.... What is your price ? Thank you Warpboy
  8. Hi Soundbot, no problem, it's available. I send you a PM
  9. hello, I have a fully working SEQ V4 and nice blue LCD. It's a custom box with professionnal made front panel. It comes with a wallwart psu, line driver transmitter board in the sequencer case and you can connect it to the Aout box (not AOUT NG) with the other side of the Line driver (receiver board) . See picture : PHOTO 2 SEQ V4 Software version : V0.95 SEQ V4+wallwart PSU = 350€ : SOLD AOUT BOX (with link between transmitter & receiver) 5CV & gates soldered ...others free to use = 80€ I Can provide a psu with +12V/-12V for free If you buy seq V4
  10. hello Ilmenator. I'm near Paris. I can post everywhere...
  11. hello, pre summer cleaning :) I've : 10 x DIN boards (3 are ready to use) : 30€ 4 X DOUT boards (1 ready to use) : 12€ 1 X AOUT (only 2 ICs socket and bridges soldered) :SOLD 2 X MAX525 (Never used) : SOLD 1 X MBHP DIO Matrix pcb ( ready to use) : 5€ 1 X arduino uno rev3 : 10€ 1 X AVRisp programmer : 10€
  12. thank you for these infos , I'll let you know when it works ;)
  13. Hi latigid on, thank you for your reply. It was really not clear in my head. I didn't understand the fact that we don't use one line to define each gate... I have soldered a jumper on J2_SI ( this one is on the Line driver transmitter between J19 and J2)...Should I use it, or not ? I 'm not sure that I have read it was necessary. Thank you I have to try now ;)
  14. Hello, I'm big fan of my seq V4. I have the wilba pcb and I'd like to use all the possibility of CV/gates I have already the 8cvs + 2 gates from the AOUT board and I can say this board is really working well with nice precision for CV's Now I'm trying to add 6 other gates for Aout CV3 to CV8 I use Line drivers to add distance between seq and cv/gate box : J19 from core linked to J19 Line driver transmitter. Line driver receiver work well with AOUT J2 from Wilba pcb goes to J2 Line driver transmitter . Other side , I don't have the gates 3 to 8 working on the DOU
  15. Hello EsotericLabs PM sent Best regards Warpboy
  16. Hello, Pm sent for 2 pcb sets Best regards Warpoy
  17. Hello , I'm testing the V.088 software version of the seq V4 . I'm working with sync for mute/unmute and pattern change. I was adjusting G4T2 for sync to measure (divider menu) and after when I go back to the track mute/unmute page, there no more sync for this parameter... I have to power off/power on the seq and sync mute/unmute work again for the 16 tracks... I hope to be clear :whistle:
  18. It's a work in progress, I really want to be free from an external midi to cv interface... I'll try to do some measures this week with the AOUT NG and put the result here. I've bought the Aout max525 from Rosch and as soon as possible I'll test it to compare.
  19. hello Cosmosuave, thank you for your reply, no doubt now! I'm not a programmer but it would be fine to have the possibility to do that. I.e : in the menu page = track event configuration (menu+gp2) if you choose to play chords + out = AOUT then Aout CV1= 1 note of the chord, CV2= 2nd note of the chord and CV3=third note of the chord Easy to say, but not so easy to do :shifty:
  20. Hello, I'm trying to understand how to configure correctly my seq v4 when It works with a chord-track and aout ng for poly cv operation. my actual setting is : 1) track config page (menu+gp2) : mode set to chord port set to aout channel 1 2) I set a A chord on the track ( = C E G notes) will I have CV1= C CV2= E CV3= G Or is there something to do to be able to play chords with my 3 analogs vcos ? Another solution could be to use 3 tracks of a group ( i.e = G1T1 for the first note of th
  21. hello, Yes, I can confirm, I did it for my sequencer. Using a Dout board is nice for trigger, you're not connected directly to the lpc core !!! Another thing, the trigger voltage is bigger with a DOUT board(5v versus 3V for direct connection to the core) best regards Warpboy
  22. hello, back again !!!!!! new session problem, I can't open/save/create..... any session, when the problem has started, I'll have a look at the info page in the midibox seq . Next to STOPWATCH on the right lcd I can read : Overrun SD card seems to be problematic. I try to look at the files inside with a computer but most of the time, I need to insert it two times in the sd card reader from my computer before I be able to read it. With another sd card everything is ok.......then I have copied my session from my computer to the new sd and it's not working any ideas ? tha
  23. hello Rosch, I'd like to buy : is this the normal Aout with max525 ? let me know your price for these parts + shipping..... I'm in France best regards Warpboy
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