[closed] Working Midibox Seq 4 + Heidenreich case

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With pain in my heart I sell my working seq 4. Professionaly soldered and placed in a Heidenreich glossy black case.

4 midi ports and included is quad IIC card with programmed roms. 

I did not completely finish the builds because I simply don't have the time for it anymore and when I do finish it I won't use it because I mainly use the DAW nowadays. 

The only thing that needs to be done Is place the cards in the heidenreich case and that's it. Working with a CORE_STM32, I will also sent all the stuff I used for building like cabling and all the extra stuff I have used for it.

I am asking 650euro (ex shipping) and I prefer sending to the Netherlands but another country is also a possibility.

btw: the photos maybe show some things like scratches but they aren't. it is pure lightning of the picture. It is possible to send extra pictures when needed.











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forgot something

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Item is not for sale anymore, trying to find a way to close this post. 

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