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  1. Hi, It seems i ran into a bug or maybe there is an explanation for this. I am using the midiphy with CV expanders and trigger expanders. I like to have separate trigger drum channels on G3T1 to G4T4 so i have 8 separate drum tracks. When a i add on G3T1 a trigger drum for the bassdrum everything works perfect so in this case G3T1 is a BD (CV1 / Channel 16 / Note C1) . Next i go to track G3T2 and to the same but then for an Closed Hat (CV1 / Channel 16 / Note C#1). When i do an init the problems start to arise. the BD track suddenly get a CH track or the CH track gets a SD track. This way i can't set up a good template for my liking. I know that you can have 1 track with all drum in there but i like to have them separate because i don't like a separate mute for this channel and i like to have different track length per drum voice / fx / groove etc. So doing everything on 1 track is not my ideal way of working. I should be possible to have 8 separate tracks for the same channel 16 and different triggers per channel right? It confuses me why everything gets garbled when i try to create this setup. Many thanks. Niels
  2. Ah cool, thanks Andy, Thanks for explaining.
  3. Hi guys, What does the gate jack do on the back of the midiphy. Cheers, Niels
  4. Hi, In jam mode i know it is possible to use a keyboard and record live in de sequencer. Currently i use no keyboard and have a drumcomputer which has no built in sequencer. Is it possible to assign a key on the midibox that use can use to live jam. So lets day i have a drum channel and select bd that i can press a key and sents a note via midi to the drumcomputer and records with jam mode to the sequencer. Maybe this is already possible but i cant find it. Cheers, Niels
  5. Thanks now i understand.. The 9090 has internal triggers for each drum but the note on will be converted to a 2ms trigger by the 9090 midi implementation. Thanks! Cheers Niels
  6. Hi all, Hope you are all doing ok! I just finalized building a tr-9090 and are sequencing it with a Midiphy. Everything works as expected. What i can't find is when you create a drum track and connect via midi. How does a trigger work sent from the midibox? A 909 except a 2ms trigger but i cant find anything how long a trigger is sent via midi? Is this adjustable? Thanks!! Niels
  7. Hi Lukas412, these are exactly my symptoms as well . I didn't try the galvanic usb isolator because i workaround the problem by powering the seq by an external power adapter and use a separate midi cable from my computer to the seq for the communications. This works quite good for me at the moment but i am very curious about the galvaniser. Maybe i will order one next month to try if this fixes it.
  8. What kind if db25 cable do you use? I see super shielded expensive ones and very cheap ones. The one i have right now is around 1.5m and i like to get a shorter one. Cheers, Niels
  9. Wow Peter, Thanks for the helpfull article. To be honest that when i read the Graham article i only understand 10% of it and what i understand from others is that it is a hard to understand or fixed subject. When looking how other People build their studio and big eurorack systems i probably started differently then the stuff i have bought right now but getting into eurorack is costly and selling and buying new stuff to avoid humm is not in my 2020 todo list ;-) for now fixing it by a workaround is good enough for me and saves money on buying new cables and psu's and new cases. I find it a really interesting topic like all things with electronic engineering and can only have deep respect for People knowing this stuff. Too bad in my life i probably never get this skill at a good level because of time ;-) i really like to solve this ground thing from the core so i can understand it but i am throwing the towel with a workaround because for now i like to create music with a nice sequencer. Thanks again for trying to let me understand these kind of things. Cheers, Niels
  10. Just an update. I went to a local store and bought myself a Roland UM-One mk2 . The cable cost me 39 euro and when connecting it like described above i get no noise. A very good midi clock to the midiphy from Ableton and Bitwig . Updating with Mios Studio works. Bad thing is that it requires drivers but hey for now a driver is better then noise :) Probably and midi interface would have done what i now describe but just for the info :) Cheers Guys, i am happy again. Goodbye to ground noise and hello to white noise :)
  11. Thanks for the detailed answers! i did some testing with some other computers i have lying around and they all produce the same noise like my mac mini does. The noise gets louder when i play some notes on the midibox seq and when i stop playing it gets less. In my case the only thing i need to get the midiphy connected to my computer is for midi clock. Since my UAD interface does not have midi out i am trying to do this via the usb of the midiphy but maybe i step off this plan. Andy and Peter where so kind to provide me with a Multi midi thru pcb gift and maybe this is exactly what i have to build to tackle this noise problem. Since you already are saying Andy. Ground noise is a hard to find problem and since i am not really a technician in finding these kind of problems i think i am going for the midi interface road and provide usb power to the midiphy by an usb power supply and not via a computer. Also what i forgot to mention earlier is that i connect everything via an usb hub that is externally powered but this has no impact when i remove it and connect it directly to the mac mini. Also the mac mini has no ground power connection. let me build a midi thru interface from Midiphy and see if this works like i want to :) Thanks again for your help!
  12. Hi @TK. i think you are right about the waiting of a new apple update , at least that is mostly what i always do but ok i am not a programmer at all :) thanks for testing the cv modules out for me and glad it works for you ! For now i reinstalled Mojave back on my mac. Catalina gave me way to much audio problems.
  13. Hi @latigid on I thought i was happy running the midibox from USB till i noticed that my productivity went down the drain like having to good midi clock for syncing to the daw etc. So i decided to dive deeper into this issue because i like to have the midibox connected to my computer via usb and have the eurorack connected as well. The power is connected by flying bus boards but i have no issues with other modules and noise. Also moving the bus cables does not make any change in noise. I also powered the euroreiver by using an usb power from a phone adapter and jumpered j5 the right way. This has no impact on the noise. Then i cut the 0v by removing the J0 jumper and that cut the noise directly and the module is still working like it should. Since i am no technician at all, what is the inpact of cutting this 0v ? Cheers, Niels
  14. Hi @TK. yes i also use 10.15. Normally I never have probs with mios updating and yesterday I tried it several times and all functionality worked except it crashed while pressing play. I removed the sd card. Emptied it etc but all no luck in getting it to run. This morning I went back to 0.95 and then up to 0.96 again (same file as yesterday) and now it works. Can't put my finger on it to be honest except that I don't like Catalina with all the strange thingies. You also use cv modules right? Do you also get noise when you connect the midibox to your computer by usb and try to record stuff in the daw? When the midibox is connected by usb I get a lot of ground hum. Just wondering if you have the same issue. Cheers Niels
  15. Hi @TK. This morning i flashed 0.95 and it started working again and now flashing 0.96 pre9 and that one also works perfectly. Now i flashed the 0.96 again and it works . So i dont get it anymore but didn't change anything with last night test but happy that it works now :)
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