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What does this do over other sequencers?

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Hi all,

Came here after a post on GS - this looks like a really interesting sequencer. 

I was wondering what this can do that other sequencers can't, and vice versa? I'm comparing this to the cirklon.

I have just started reading the manual but from what I can see it has a lot of scales and chords - which I use a lot so that's good. But loses the functionality for one track to affect a neighbor track, and also this doesn't have accumulators? 


Very interested and would love to hear from anyone who might have both or just knowledgeable about this




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I don't actually know the capabilities of the Cirklon. You can find the feature list here and see if it fits your style? 

The SEQ is best if you can DIY, but we know of instances where others have offered units prebuilt.

The SEQ has different track types that are either monophonic with lots of trigger or parameter layers, or polyphonic that simplifies the sequence to notes. I don't know what you mean by accumulators. You can use so-called loopback tracks to control other tracks. Watch the latest demo by TK. (ucapps youtube channel) Track 13 looks to have a slow clock divider that transposes other tracks

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