Want to build a Midibox Seq V4... advice on sourcing parts?

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Like it says... i'm aware of SmashTV in the US for sourcing Midibox kit packages but i'm based in UK so I really need a European source for parts (don't want weeks of waiting for deliveries and import taxes) and i can't even find a series of BOMs. Can anyone inside (or out) share any advice or experience?

I've build a few DIY projects but mostly from supplied kits - it seems to be a big jump to PROPER DIY and it can be daunting to get the rights stuff under the soldering iron!

Thanks!Mobdro https://pnrstatus.vip/ https://sarkariresult.onl/

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Hi Henry, welcome!

We developed the SEQ v4+ with those concerns in mind. It is different to the Wilba project.


On that page you have the full kit available, including the case and hard-to-source parts. There are left- and right-handed cases defined by the position of the JA subassembly. The combined BOM can be copied directly to Mouser's import tool, so it's super easy to get parts. Yes, sometimes Mouser goes out of stock, but many of the parts can be substituted by others (e.g. standard resistors, caps, ICs).

Peter also has produced full video tutorials:





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