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Hello friends
I am building midibox FM and i have a small problem.
For troubleshooting I use a minimal configuration with only MBHP_CORE module with 18F452 and MBHP_OPL3.
At first I burned my pic ( bootloader_v1_2b_pic18f452.hex ) with an external programmer.
With Mios Studio 2 I tested the midi connection that works.
I have loaded with mios application  mios8_v1_9h_pic18f452.hex and then setup_pic18f452_mbfm_v1.hex.
The restart is done with display of mios version 1.9h C 2014 T KLOSE then MIDIBOX FM V1.4i permanently -------->NO BOOT WINDOW
But if I disconnect J2-2 (D2 to D7 duYMF262) I get my boot window on the display ??????
Of course I checked all the connections between the PIC and the OPL3 module.
Do you have research leads to give me ?
Thank you for the answer 

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