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  1. Happy new year in the hope of tne new BLM CI Pierre
  2. Thanks the_duckchild thank you for the address
  3. hello, Looking for sid 8580 R5 for my synth I fall on the following site " www.supplygoodsstore.eu " that offers 788 pieces at 12 € each. Has anyone tried to order on this site? What do you think about this site ? Thank you for the answer. Pierre
  4. Hello, I would like to have an acrylic window made by Schaeffer to give a more professional look. For good alignment on the front face, this plate should have 1.5mm thickness. However, the minimum thickness by Schaeffer is 2 mm. Has anyone found a solution?
  5. Hello Oeil de Faucon Can I have the schematic diagram of your new PSU ? Thank you
  6. Hello, Je serais vivement intéressé par le CI de base pour midibox SID. Merci de m'indiquer la démarche à suivre. Cordialement Pierre
  7. Hello friends I am building midibox FM and i have a small problem. For troubleshooting I use a minimal configuration with only MBHP_CORE module with 18F452 and MBHP_OPL3. At first I burned my pic ( bootloader_v1_2b_pic18f452.hex ) with an external programmer. With Mios Studio 2 I tested the midi connection that works. I have loaded with mios application mios8_v1_9h_pic18f452.hex and then setup_pic18f452_mbfm_v1.hex. The restart is done with display of mios version 1.9h C 2014 T KLOSE then MIDIBOX FM V1.4i permanently -------->NO BOOT WINDOW But if I disconnect J2-2 (D2 to D7 duYMF262) I get my boot window on the display ?????? Of course I checked all the connections between the PIC and the OPL3 module. Do you have research leads to give me ? Thank you for the answer
  8. Hello, TK, Andy and Others I see that this magnificent project does not move any more. As many of us are waiting for the PCB and the case, how can we help to move the project forward Pierre
  9. Hello flyweight Unfortunately all boxes have been sold. sorry
  10. Thank you for the answer Pierre
  11. Hello Friends, My Midibox SEQ V4 is finished and works really well . I have a question regarding one midi output. I have a question regarding the midi output. Can I connect any midi output without using a synthesizer to an analog amplifier using the module AOUT_NG or another DAC ? Pierre
  12. Hello Yannick, the box is available immediately and can be sent quickly. Pierre
  13. Hello friends, I received the boxes Heidenreich today. The quality is really good. I'll dispatch the parcel and send it to you tomorrow. Good night Pierre
  14. Hello, Next week is week 13. I think heidenreich should send me the boxes. As soon as I receives, I forward them to you. Happy Easter Pierre
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