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Selling (mostly) everything, boards, alps motorfaders


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Hello all,

After a long time with practically no time to continue my project I have decided to downscale my project. That's why I'm selling a lot of stuff:

1x STM32F4 Core Module Board+ STM32F407G-DISC

    Assambled, tested and working (no sd card), use at own risk


1x MF_NG Module + PIC

    Assembled, tested and working, use at own risk


3x MF_NG Module + PIC

    Assembled (1 board missing 1 IC), not tested


1x Custom MF_NG Module (no PIC)

    Partly assembled, not tested


1x Custom MF_NG Module (no PIC)

    Not assembled


1x DOUT Module

    Assembled, tested and working, use at own risk



    Not assembled


26x 100mm Alps Motor N fader (some o-lead, some normal lead)

    Unused, only mounted, no caps


2x 19 inch frontfpanel from dibond (aluminium, plastic, aluminium)

    1 with cutouts for 16 faders, OLEDs and led VU meters    

    1 with cutouts for 8 faders, OLEDs and led VU meters and 2 Steinberg CMC cutouts

Preferably selling it as one lot, but I might consider selling individual items. (I might keep de STM32F4, but not sure, defends on the offer)

Make me an offer. Shipping costs for buyer.






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