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Midiloop in my MIDIBox Seq V4

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Hi Uli,

how's your MIDI wiring?




Things to check:
* On the synth side: Forwarding "off" -> this is sometimes an option there to provide for a missing "THRU" port - then all MIDI data is forwarded from IN to OUT already on the synth side

* On the SEQ side: check your MIDI Router screen to avoid a similar echo (form SEQ IN to OUT)

If the loop appears only if the sequencer engine is running, you can check your MIDI CLOCK settings on the SEQ. E.g. if your Synth for whatever reasons echos the MIDI clocks, you can disable receiving MIDI CLOCK on SEQ MIDI IN1, this would also avoid the MIDI packet storm.

Good luck and best regards,

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Hi Peter,

thank you for your quick response. I have just one Blofeld connected to SEQ MIDI out. No MIDI in. I guess that I have set some configuration in the SEQ to loop in the SEQ itself.

Best regards


PS I'm hearing double notes so I assume a loop.

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Trying to be more precise.
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@audiomobster no problem! Could you check, if you maybe have a SEQ v4 FX" Echo Effect" active? This could trigger double (or multiple-echo) notes. If not, then it might also be something on the Blofeld, i.e. a retriggered Amp Envelope? To make sure you have no MIDI echo, you could move the track from the standard DIN MIDI OUT (SEQ OUT1) to a USB MIDI out (SEQ USB1), connect it to a computer and watch the notes that are sent from the SEQ e.g. within MIOS Studio - this would show, if duplicate MIDI notes are generated by the SEQ.

A MIDI loop usually requires a closed cable loop, i.e. notes coming from an IN going to an OUT on one unit (e.g. the SEQ), and the same happening on the other unit (e.g. a Synth), then there would be a MIDI packet storm that completely saturates the MIDI line :).

Many greets,

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