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i'd like to put 2 or more little OLED displays next to each other and have the SCS shown across those displays (as one). Is there a way to do it?

Thanks in advance

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Posted (edited)

In scs_lcd.c it says

//! The 2x80 screen is buffered and can be output over multiple LCDs 
//! (e.g. 2 * 2x40, but also 4 * 2x20)

//! By default we configure this driver to support a single LCD with the size
//! 2x<SCS_NUM_MENU_ITEMS*SCS_MENU_ITEM_WIDTH> (see scs_lcd.h, this size
//! can be overruled from external, e.g. in mios32_config.h)

I've tried to overwrite SCS_LCD_NUM_DEVICES in NG's mios32_config.h by adding "#define SCS_LCD_NUM_DEVICES 2" and overwriting it directly in scs_lcd.h without success.

Any idea how i can enable two devices?

Edit: My two displays a basically working.I already tried to increase SCS num_items and a bigger font to get some overflow.


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After looking through the code for hours there is no solution in sight. It looks like SCS code is derived from SEQ V4. So it should be possible to configure. I've uploaded the SEQ app which was working as expected. Comparing NG and SEQ code wasn't that helpful. SEQ has a much more complex UI system, but the underlying menu handling should be the same.

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