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MBKB - modification


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I have decided to build a small 1 manual controller based on TP8O 5 octave keybed. I want to use MBKB but it does not have all the functions I need. There is also a possibility to use MBNG but it does not have enoug velocity range (I know it from my previous dual controller - I was able to manage only 5-6 velocity values from 0-127). I do not need any special functions, the controller will be very simple:

1. AI1 - Pitch bend - Included in MBKB

2. AI2 - Modwheel - Included in MBKB

3. AI3, 4 - Epression1, Expression2 - Included in MBKB for 1 pedal

4. DI1, 2 - Footswitch1, Footswitch 2 - Included in MBKB for 1 pedal

5. DI3, 4 - Leslie switch Run/Stop, Slow/Fast - Additional function which does not exist, it is basically sending 2 CC signals with values 0 or 127

6. DI5 - Key mode button - Velocity sensitivity ON/High key trigger (organ mode) ON - Function exists on MBKB but not selectable from Digital input, and I think at activation the MBKB sends Note On signals from 0-127

7. DI6 - Midi channel select button (Midi ch1/Midi ch4) - Midi channel is selectable at configuration but not selectable by Digital input

8. DO1 - Indication led for key mode button - does not exist in MBKB but maybe not needed if I use standard switches (no push buttons)

9. DO2 - Indication led for Midi channel button - does not exist in MBKB but maybe not needed if I use standard switches (no push buttons)


Do you think, is it possible to modify the MBKB source code to have these possibilities or is it a big work?



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