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SEQ V4 (V1) CS-pcb trouble


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Hi Forum, 


i have built an old Wilba CS pcb. After finishing i connected it to the wrong port on the stm32f4 core pcb (J4A) instead of J10A. 

Then, after recognizing my error, the Seq wont start up - showing flickering (very dim) displays.

Disconnecting the CS pcb was needed for the Seq app to start. As soon as i reconnected the CS, the app crashed again, with dimly lit flickering displays. 

I then (one after another) changed !all ICs and, after the error was still there, !all resistor networks. 

Now the error is still there. It feels like there could be some shortcut somewhere.

But i triple triple triple checked everything. That could not be the issue, really. 

Now i suspect, connecting to the wrong port, i may have fried an IC cap somewhere. 


But i really want to hear some expert opinion on this, before i begin changing them as well. 


Hope you can spend a bit of your time and give some thoughts. 

Below are some pcb pics as well. 

Thank you very much for looking at it. 





IMG_20200823_141157 (1).jpg

IMG_20200823_141202 (1).jpg

IMG_20200823_141211 (1).jpg

IMG_20200823_141217 (1).jpg

IMG_20200823_141139 (1).jpg

IMG_20200823_141145 (1).jpg

IMG_20200823_141153 (1).jpg

IMG_20200823_141134 (1).jpg

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