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Looking for Pickit 2 GUI


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Hi everyone !

I'm building a MIDIbox MF_NG module for controlling motorized faders. To configure my PIC18F452, I need to instal MIOS Studio in it. I'm looking for a solution to configure the PIC. I can buy a Picket 2 in Reichelt but the Picket_GUI is not available anymore in microchip.com. Does anyone have it and can send it to me ? 

Thanks very much

PS: I'm a Newbies and not an English person :)

Have a gond day 

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You need to download an old version of MPLAB to use a pickit 2.


A quick search in google tells me MPLAB IDE v8.92 is the latest version with pickit2 support.

all older versions of mplab are available on microchip webpage:



Or you can buy pickit3 or 4 and use MPLAB X





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