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  1. MidiBox DAW Controller

    Hi, as i was writing this post, things finally got to work! I'll still put my troubleshooting here for future reference, with corrections in red. Please anyone, correct me if i'm wrong I've been playing with my screens on a breadboard. I wired a 74HC595 to adress screens 9 to 16 as in this schematic: I assumed QA has to be wired to screen 9 CS pin, QB to screen 10 etc. !!! as in Dout modules, outputs of 74HC595 seems to be  "reversed" ie: QH is screen 9 and QA is screen 16. So far, it's not been working as intended. Both screens display the same text as if they are enabled all the time. I put some leds in parallel with CS pins, to see if they blinked and they did NOT blink when changing display. (as it should in normal operation). So i wired my analog scope to monitor SCLK, RCLK and SER signals, and figured that there was no SCLK on pin 4 of J10B. Finally i found a "solution" (more of a workaround really) by complete luck. I just changed the number of oled declared in the bootloader from 16 to 64 and TADA! now i can monitor an SCLK signal and screesn are working as intended. I tried to go back to 16 lcd , and it doesn't work anymore. Tried 32 screens... it works! 15 screens ? doesn't work... 17 screens? it works. It seems to me there's a bug with J10B port not initializing correctly when the number of oled screens declared is <17. Is it a known bug? Maybe someone else can check if they have the same behavior? I know very little about programming, but i would be happy to help solve this issue. Unfortunately, I only own an analog scope, so monitoring those signals, is not very easy. (I can only see flashes of signals happening).   Cheers,   Thomas  
  2. [FS] All of my midibox

    Hi! i'm interested in the 25 alps motorfaders and the joystick. Are the faders new or used? what is the joystick brand / datasheet?   Thank you very much,   Toto  
  3. MidiBox DAW Controller

    Hi Andy,   Thank you very much, for the moment, my aim is to roll my own pcbs, so i can keep things tidy in a quite small enclosure. But first, i'll try to breadboard something in the next few days. (unfortunately a miswiring seems to have killed my STM32F4-DISCO right now)   Cheers, Thomas
  4. MidiBox DAW Controller

    Hi everyone!   I finally received some ssd1306 oled screens last weeks and started to play with it. So far, eveything is fine, i've been able to adress up to 8 screens without problems. But for my project i intend to use 38 oled screens, so i would need a string of shift registers for CS pin. On this page: it says that you need to connect those shift register to J28. But... on the STM332F4 core module, i can't find J28. I guess the info didn't get updated from LPC17 core.   So which connector should i use for these shift register? I was thinking about J19 or J16?   Thank you very much for your help.   Thomas
  5. understanding the .ngc code

    Hi! I made the same mistake recently. If it helps, i found some on aliexpress which seems compatible with MidiBox_NG: I ordered a pair as samples 2 days ago. I don't expect them soon but i'll keep you updated when they arrive.   Thomas  
  6. MidiBox DAW Controller

    Ok, I think I found a solution to my problem. I used the meta=SetBankOfHwId:xxx  parameter instead of meta=SetBank But it didn't work at first because for my test i was using switches with ids in range of 1001 to 1064 (Connected to a DIN_MATRIX with button_emu_id_offset=1001 parameter) And hw_id is limited to 1:255 range... Right now it seems to work as intended, but i need to do some more testings.   Cheers,   Thomas
  7. MidiBox DAW Controller

    Hi everyone! it's been a while but i made some progress recently! I've received my first PCB along with some switches, and it works quite well (see below) More switches will be coming in the near future, but for financial reasons, i only ordered one color. I also ordered a few samples Oled screens from aliexpress. Unfortunately the first ones were I2C only, so i didn't manage to use them. ordered some new with SPI capability, but i don't expect them before christmas. Near future will be to assemble and try a MF_NG module and make a PCB for the second section of my controller (monitoring).   But right now, i've been having troubles setting up banks. Any help would be appreciated. I'm trying to configure independant banks of encoders/switches. for example, Encoders 1 to 12 would be assigned to banks 1 to 8                     Encoders 13 and 14 would be assigned to banks 9 to 12 I made a test and it kind of works, but if i select bank 9-12, encoders 1 to 12 wond send anything because, they aren't defined in this bank. And accordingly, i bank 1-8 is selected, encoders 13 and 14 won't send anything either I hope I made myself clear, it's quite difficult to express this kind of thing in a foreign language... Is it possible in the first place? Attached is a .ngc of my trials with switches instead of encoders.   Thanks for your help,   Thomas     TestBanks.ngc
  8. MidiBox DAW Controller

    Hi! and sorry for double post...   I have a question : Is it possible to get use the same DOUT Matrix for LED rings AND general purpose LEDs (like switch status)? Say i have an 8*16 Matrix and only want 11 LEDs for my rings, I could make use of those 5 left columns... After half a day searching it seems impossible, but i can't be sure... If not possible, then i might change my plan a little bit.   Thanks!   Thomas
  9. MidiBox DAW Controller

    Yeah, that's what i thought. But anyway, moving faders will probably be the last step of my build. First i'd like to get Switches, encoders and LEDs working. Thanks again!   Thomas  
  10. MidiBox DAW Controller

    DAW implementation is not really an issue, they have what they called "generic remote" which gives you the ability to control most of Nuendo functions with any CC, SysEx or any MIDI event. Including "selected channel" parameters. Right now, i'm using this function with TouchOSC, but an iPad is not as good as a dedicated encoder / switch / joystick. Mackie Control protocol at least gives you track name feedback, and I could derive other information from incoming MIDI events i guess.   As for buying, an off-the-shelf controller and add missing functions, i thought about it for sure, but it wouldn't be as ergonomic, which is a big concern to me. Plus, if i make my own solution, i would be able to scale it to my future needs, repair it, make it evolve with time. Which is not really possible with off-the-shelf solutions.   Next step will be to make the channel encoders boards, with channel switches daughter board.          8 switchable encoders plus 4*8 switches = 56 Switches.          8*11 LED Rings plus 4*8 Buttons LEDs = 120 LEDs I figured i need 1 8*8 buttons matrix and 1 8*16 LED matrix. Is that correct? (maybe to 8*8 LED Matrices is better?)   Thanks everyone for your help! Cheers,   Thomas  
  11. MidiBox DAW Controller

    Hi! I'm aware of Zam's Project, but as I understand it, it's more of a way to automate existing analog desk. I just need to control a DAW with MIDI events, not planning to get any analog signal involved. But i want more than faders. In fact, being able to access selected channel EQ / Dyn / surround Pan is the most important thing to me. Or else, i would just buy of the shelf Controller like Qcon / MCU / Behringer... But none of them offers me the ergonomics i want. Something very close to Avid Dcommand actually.   Cheers, Thomas
  12. MidiBox DAW Controller

    Hi! First, let me introduce myself. I'm Thomas, sound engineer, I'm working mostly in audio post but have a small home studio where i record small bands. It's been a long time since i started thinking about making a midibox NG, but other projects kept me busy (I built a few preamps for my home studio as well as other audio gears) But now, i finally have time and hopefully make it a reality. I will try to keep this thread updated with my progress and experiments. So first, i'll expose what i'm aiming for:   My goal is to build myself a Midi controller that is basically a Mackie Control with a few more features to control Nuendo. I really want it to be as ergonomic as possible, and today, no controller on the market would fit my needs completely. (maybe Nuage systems, but that's a bit expensive) Midi-wise, i will use 3 ports as Mackie Control and one as a Generic midi. (feature that you can set as you wish in Nuendo) I want:     -25 faders: 24 using MAckie Control and MC expanders + one using Generic Midi to control selected channel in DAW          -Each fader will have 4 buttons, an encoder with led ring and an oled display on top (just as any MCU)     -transport buttons          -various array of buttons with MC features as well as window management, automation features, some edit functions...     -a Jog wheel     -a surround panner     -one bank of encoders to control selected channel EQ     -another bank of encoders to control Selected channel Dynamics     -Control-room commands. I think that's it for wanted features. Now for things i will need: As i understand i'll need:     -2 STM32F4 Core module (1 main and 1 for MF_NG modules)     -4 MF_NG modules     -a bunch of DIO matrices for buttons and LEDs.     -and probably an AINSER8 module. I already own a STM32F4disco and i made my own version of the core module. I went through the tutorials, and i've been playing a bit with a beaboarded Din / Dout. Joined is a block diagram of the way i think My different modules will fit together. Hopefully i got this right... I still have alot to do / learn, but feeling really excited about it right now! And i'd like to thank Thorsten and everybody involved in the midibox project for all they have accomplished. This is great! Cheers, Thomas Block diagram.pdf