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This is a locked thread which will be enhanced from time to time.

Always follow the MIDI troubleshooting guide first before asking for help.

Link: http://www.ucapps.de/howto_debug_midi.html

MIOS code upload:


Upload of configuration data for MIDIbox64, MIDIbox64E, MIDIbox MF, MIDIO128:


Other known issues:

  • for MIOS projects please use the PIC18F versions of vmidibox and sysexbox, the upload format is not the same like for the old PIC16F projects
  • Device IDs: the MIOS device ID and the application specific device ID doesn't have the same function. The MIOS device ID is used to address MIOS specific SysEx commands for code up/download and debugging to the core. This ID can only be changed in the ID header of the PIC (see the bootstrap loader page) or with the change_id program (see MIOS Download section). The application specific ID can - if available - mostly be changed in the main.asm header, with special SysEx commands or within a menu provided by the application itself (e.g. MIDIbox64/64E/MF: SysEx Menu, MIDIbox SID: CFG->Dev)
  • no response from core, no data sent to core: is your MIDI interface multiclient capable? If not, close all MIDI application, open only MIDI-Ox or Serge's SysEx Loader for uploading code/data

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