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Any sources for 6582A Replacement?


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So I finally dug my mb-6582 out of the 'to be completed' project box and got it working this weekend; only took me 12 years! Unfortunately, I found one of my 6582A's are dead. Any idea where I could source a replacement in this day and age?


My mb-6582 is wired up to use 9V and I don't really want to go about changing that. This being the case, would a 8580 work in a pinch?


Should I even consider something like armsid?

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The 8580 is, for all intents and purposes, exactly the same as the 6582 (9v, modern filter, stabile oscillators, etc.).

There are still plenty of 8580s up for grabs on eBay or Etsy these days, mostly from Germany, Poland or Hungary.




Although, I think it's fair to say that some of modern SID Clones have become "respectably close" and "capable enough" to be taken seriously more music making.


The choice is highly personal, so no wrong answers - Just "do you" 


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