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  1. Finally started messing around with this design in KiCAD and, I'm really liking it! Think I might get it made soon :-) Thanks @listen202 for sharing!
  2. Yes, but you'll also need the Pickit programmer... https://ebay.to/2HB165e
  3. Are you talking about this programmer board? https://www.ebay.com/itm/133174280268?var=432516796181&mkevt=1&mkcid=28&chn=ps ..or, if you prefer to "build vs. buy" your programmer, you can always order just the Zif socket itself and breadboard / protoboard the rest https://www.ebay.com/itm/ZIF-Socket-40-Pin-Made-by-3M-Ships-Same-Next-Day-FAST-SHIP-US-SELLER/171035842033?hash=item27d287d5f1:g:CAQAAOxy88lRXuHN
  4. This is becoming a promising endeavor! Total BOM costs include, the Teensy4 @ ~$20 USD, the PCB @ $17.50 USD, plus some pins and SMD parts. So, still a bit more expensive than the average street price for a Nano SwinSIDb, but Teensy4's will get cheaper soon and someone may already be planning a bulk order of PCBs soon, which would reign in the costs quite a bit. The most important consideration in my view is this being a live projects, with active development. There's always the possibility that FreeSID could come out sounding significantly better than SwinSID. Anxious
  5. ...Some sound samples... Testing ARM2SID with Bassline 3_1 patch (LFO is synched with tempo on cutoff) Testing ARM2SID with SIDplayer mode, using Delta by Rob Hubbard
  6. I finally found a little window of time to plop a set of ARM2SIDs into a MIDIbox SID to play with some patches, and.... WHOAH... In my humble opinion, they perform exceptionally well. I tested them with default configs (i.e., dropped them into a MIDIbox SID with no config changes), and can say that they combine a very low noise ceiling (e.g., nonexistent), and produce very accurate SID sound emulation, with reliably consistent volume levels, across all voices and various patches (So, Win-win-win.... ). The price-point for an ARM2SID set is ~$48 USD, which is a bit more expensi
  7. By the way, I'm selling this synth in the Fleamarket Which is why I got a bit nostalgic when I thought about actually parting with it, and I drafted the note above. I may never find out who the mysterious builder / seller is or was, but I'm certainly grateful for the transaction... ;-) Cheers all, -Darrell
  8. Apologies for the suspense, but I struggle to find a few free minutes sometimes... Good news is, they test perfectly under minimal load on a breadboard. Not sure when I’ll have a chance to test one in an actual build though.
  9. Seems like there are no takers here in the forum, so I'd like to try to sell these through another channel if possible. Any concerns with that? Thanks, -Darrell
  10. To add some more context to this topic, I’m sharing the full side-by-side comparison as an Excel doc. The BOM reference is for a complete MB-6582 build, with two sets of sourcing options (one using mostly premium components from Mouser and the other uses more economical alternatives, from the likes of AliExpress, eBay, Amazon and elsewhere). _MB 6582 BOM - Economy vs Premium Build Cost Comparison - Oct 2020.xlsx The short of it is, you can make a complete MB-6582 today for around $513 USD, when you only consider the costs for required BOM components. However your total o
  11. These just came in the mail... Will try to make time to test soon...
  12. Yeah, it requires a bit of extra legwork with each and every purchase to find the best deal. I’m not always willing to price compare for the smaller one-offs, but for larger BOMs in the ~$100+ USD range, the saves you can find are usually worth the extra effort.
  13. I’m guessing that SID playback should work, since that already works well to a MB-6582 or sammichSID using MIDI Patchbay and TK’s ASID mod for SIDPlayer. However, using MIDI encapsulation to manage the ARM2SID config is an altogether different animal... Waiting for a window of free time to give this a try though... Cheers
  14. For the most part, I've been sourcing my components from either Mouser and or Digikey, but lately I've started placing one-off bulk orders with AliExpress. You can typically find what appear to be great prices on larger quantities of discreet component, but then there's always that large shipping fee (at least to the US) and the significant wait time for deliveries (which typically take 4-12 weeks in my experience). So, I decided to take a look at some of the components I need for a particular BOM and compare the actual costs, side-by-side: In each case, I tried to source the ch
  15. Selling two sammichSIDs which were built earlier this year (March and May 2020). The silver one has two 6581 R4AR SIDs and the black one has two 8580 R5s. Both are running the latest MIOS 1.9h and firmware 2.044 Both come preloaded with tons of patches and ensembles from the forums and elsewhere. Happy to sell them together as a set or separately. If you already happen to have your own SIDs I can sell them cheaper with empty sockets. I’m based in the US (NYC area), so a domestic buyer would experience the fastest, chea
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