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  1. PCB Daughterboard for 20x4 Char LCD

    Update: the mini-PCBs have arrived from OSHPark. Took about 1.5 weeks end-to-end, including int’l shipping to the US, so not bad. Hope to have time to solder and test tonight.    The mInimum order was 3 pieces, but I should only need 1. Happy to send extras to anyone interested, at no cost for the PCB - just cover the postage.     
  2. SIDplayer / ASID Application for OS X?

    As said earlier, I know this is a very old thread, but wondered if someone here could assist.. I was able to download and recompile SIDPlay for Catalina 10.15.2, but once it's running, I don't see a setting or option I can use to redirect playback through to my MIDIBox SID v2?    
  3. Sammich kits on eBay -- legit or bootleg?

    OK, finished off the last few fiddly bits, so now I can officially say "It's Done" and more importantly "It Works!" So, needless to say, I'm a happy customer... But, now comes the inevitable ethical question... If I did actually buy a Chineese knockoff, are @Wilba, @TK. and @nILS getting the screwed? Hope not, because I'd love to enjoy this thing in good conscience! Cheers all!    https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0n532ODWMZ1Yx
  4. Sammich kits on eBay -- legit or bootleg?

    Well, I’m done with the build now and I can confirm that all the voltage checks worked out, so the PCBs seem OK... I did have a problem with the 7809 voltage regulator and the LCD screen, but that could have been partially my fault (I am a newbie with fat fingers after all). I used MIOS to upload the v2_044 firmware, although my family has become impatient with me, so I need to break away for now. More testing and hopefully final status tomorrow (expecting a second 6581 in the mail tomorrow as well).    
  5. Sammich kits on eBay -- legit or bootleg?

    Well, I'm building it now.. The kit seems to include all of the required parts. Nicely packed, labeled and separated, etc. Hopefully it will actually work! Cheers  
  6. Sammich kits on eBay -- legit or bootleg?

      I had been wanting to build a sammichSID for a while, but I couldn't find any PCBs or kits. Finally I found a listing on eBay for a full kit which I've ordered, but now I'm wondering whether it's a bootleg... eBay Listing: sammichSID with 2 x SwinSID installed / MOS 6581 8580 / SID Station synthesizer In the attached image you'll notice that the label near the SID jumper shows 6580/6582, as opposed to 8580/6582. Perhaps a bad copy?   
  7. PCB Daughterboard for 20x4 Char LCD

    @latigid on great advice and appreciate you taking the time to review and comment.. Sticking with a 45 degree angle rule makes sense moving forward. It was a fun exercise for me to work out the design. Learning a ton from the pages here!   Cheers! -Darrell  
  8. PCB Daughterboard for 20x4 Char LCD

    thanks @latigid on - I like the @Altitude design much better! Just ordered 3 of them... Cheers!  
  9. Has anyone attempted to design a custom PCB daughterboard that could attach to the 20x4 character LCD on the MB6582 and avoid having to solder the IDC cable directly to the display?  I've never done such a thing (I'm a complete newbie to DIY electronics), but I was playing around on EasyEDA and came up this design, which could (theoretically) allow you to connect an unmodified cable. Thoughts?
  10. I know this is a super old post, but I just wanted to drop a thanks to @julianf for making my awesome front and rear panels. His price was much better than going direct through FrontPanelExpress (close to half the price actually). Will show pictures of my final build when finished.  https://photos.app.goo.gl/3m8DmJkedtSEYzjW8  
  11. [Sold] MB6582 PCB Set and parts

    @before Still Available?
  12. WTB : MB 6582 WINDOW

    Hello everyone... Almost done with my first ever MB-6582 build... Been working on it intermittently for an embarrassingly long time, but finally in the home stretch. Wondering if anyone knows where I could get this LCD window part? https://youtu.be/WIup9BhivuY (the part makes it's first appearance @ 1:35) edit: perhaps @kHz-tone could advise? Cheers!