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midiphy MatriX - ultimate mechanical grid controller

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This one has been a long time coming but today we're ready to release MatriX.

It has a similar form to the BLM16x16+X but now with mechanical keyswitches and full RGB backlighting as well as a joystick and OLED display.

Peter has done a great job in reprogramming the 32-bit application, in particular to extend the LoopA. Check out some features in the video below!

Essential kits are available here:

Have fun building!







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Thanks, Andy!

Just to add a few more informations:

all existing SEQ v4 are supported, as the BLM protocol is implemented.

And here is a bit more tech detail:

  • 289 (17x17) RGB-backlit and light|shielded mechanical keys with custom keycaps for optimal light dispersion.
  • Full-color 128x128 high-end OLED display running at 60Hz for info and graphical sequence/clip previewing.
  • Extra sliders and buttons for parameter entry and additional functions.
  • Two bidirectional MIDI ports and a dedicated button to switch between them.
  • Dedicated navigation joystick for moving selections, scrolling through clips/sequences and more!
  • High-performance STM32F4 MCU using RTOS as a software base for a responsive and fluid user experience.
  • Full midiphy SEQ v4+ and MIDIbox SEQ v4 support - compatible with existing BLM 16x16+X protocol.
  • Enhanced LoopA support: advanced editor with note color mapping and pan/zoom controls (microtiming), 160 scales (with note quantization), reassignable isomorphic keyboard and performance controls.

Here's a direct link to the user manual:

midiphy MatriX manual v1.01

Also, here's another close-up photo of the MatriX in LoopA mode - in this mode you can use the x and y sliders to scale the visible sequence area and use the joystick to pan around the area:


And yes, you can see new keycaps on here - Andy has done absolutely amazing, outstanding work designing these (of course next to the general hardware design).
I think his old BLM 16x16+X design now has a worthy successor.

Cheers! :cheers:

Best regards and have a good weekend,

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Cheers, as the first batch sold out quite quickly: the MatriX DIY Essential kits are now restocked: as the ADC chips are currently hard to obtain, we've secured enough of them and will provide those required MCP3208 analog-digital converter chips for free in every kit.

Also: free worldwide shipping to all destinations supported by the midiphy shop (customs fees might apply outside the EU).



Many greets and enjoy!

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