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What parts are they and what can I do with them?


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Aah, quite the variety of modules.

The first one is a GM5 USB to MIDI Interface. This board only has 1 pair of MIDI in/out, the jumper can be used to connect a further 4 MIDO io pairs.

Then we have a pair of LPCxpresso boards for the 1st gen LPC1769 STM32 microcontroller. This is a variant of MBcore 32. You dock these to a baseboard and voilà.

Then we have a Microchip dev board that’s not normally a part of the MIDIbox ecosystem.

Followed by a Pic18F452 MBcore8 for older projects like MBsid, MBfm and the like.

Last is an AoutNG - an 8-Channel 12-bit DAC board for analog outputs. This is mainly used for the generation of up to 8 CVs at 1V/oct. These can be unipolar or bipolar. Other scales are available in the MIDIbox software. These can drive analog VCOs, VCFs and such.

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Thank you for your answer! 

Now I have to see what I can do with it.

What else do I need if I want to play MIDI files and make music with a MIDI keyboard? 

I still have various boards, such as raspberry pi 4, Arduino, etc. 

In addition, I have two SIDs from the C64 and one from the AMIGA (PAULA) 

I would like to be able to play and play shift types of music. 

Prodigy, AMIGA themes, instrumental music and 80s Synthesizer music. 

Play yourself (keyboard) and play (MIDI/MOD files) 

I know this is quite complex, but maybe one of you knows how to realize this. 

Best regards 


(should I start a new topic whith this question?) 

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