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SPRING CLEAN: lot of PCBs to sell


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Hi There,

I'm cleaning my workshop and i found lot of oldies i don't want, so maybe you will be happy to get it

Here is the list:

-Dual SSM2044 VCF PCBS  x5pcs   5€/pcs

-IIC Midi Module populate  10€ both

-Midibox SEQ V4 custom PCB x 4pcs  25€/pcs

-Midibox CV all in one PCB Pcb  10€

-Midibox Ultracore 10€

-Digisound 80-2 VCO x3pcs  10€/pcs

-Thomas Henry VCO 555  10€

-Lot of Roland system 700 PCBs replica 8x PCBs (3x VCA Model 704, 1x S/H Model 709, 1x Noise/ring Model 708, 1x Dual ADSR Model 705, 1x VCF 703E, 1x VCF 703B) 95€ all

-Ryk Sequencer Kit V2.3 polpulate with switches (cf picture) 50€

-X0xb0x Main PCB + case  70€

Paypal prefered, price ex shipping (worldwide)


Thank you ;)



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