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  1. BLM 16x16+X build guide

    Any news ?
  2. BLM 16x16+X build guide

    By the way do you need help to design a new pcb, I m prototype designer and can provide some service to help day community ;)
  3. BLM 16x16+X build guide

    Is it true ? can't wait
  4. BLM 16x16+X build guide

    Hi there, i would be very happy to buy a pcb for this project,any left? And what about the case? thank you
  5. MIDIfying a Soundtracs Jade to control Protools

    Zam, Thank you for your answer The problem is not how to interface the console with the DAW cause it already works pretty well. The issue is that actually protools allow me to set only four HUI interface so it's 32 channels and i would like to control 48 channels. My question is how to modify this 8 channels per HUI limit or is there an other protocol  that allow me to control 48 channels.
  6. MIDIfying a Soundtracs Jade to control Protools

    Yes but it allow me to control only 32 channels (4 x 8 channels) and i need 48 How can i do it ?
  7. MIDIfying a Soundtracs Jade to control Protools

    Ok after i wrote the first topic i found how to control Trim, Read, latch, Auto functions of the channel. I simply was trying to use the wrong zone. As describe on this table, Port18 is used to control those parameters and i did it with success ;)   The only thing i still have to found is how to control more than 8 faders at the same time   Thank you for your help  
  8. Hello every Midi Diyer, Some time ago i bought a Soundtracs Jade console 48 channels. What a wonderful no so expensive console it is ! The first version of the Jade console came with a "TrackMix2" old computer that allow users to automate the VCAs of each channels, but this system is completely obsolete and nobody know how to upgrade it (i contacted Tim from www.studiosystems.co.uk  but he doesn't know anything about it, no schematic of service manual...) So i decided to recreate those but with more fun function like controlling protools parameters. I use the HUI protocol to control faders and mute but i only can control 8 faders at a time as i have 48 of them on the console. So HUI protocol is very limited. Then i would like to control the "Read", "Touch", "Latch" ... functions with the SEL  (Cf picture) button on the channel. Originally this button was used to control the old computer. The thing is that HUI protocol do not allow me to control this parameters. I tried to sniff protools midi out when changing this parameter and it return : B0 0C 0x, B0 2C 4x (where x is one of the eight zones).  So i send this data from my µC: B0 0F 0x, B0 2F 4x (like describe on the HUI protocol) and protools return to the µC  two sysex array : F0 00 00 66 05 00 10 00 52 65 61 64 F7 F0 00 00 66 05 00 10 00 41 75 64 31 F7 As i know "F0 00 00 66 05 00" is the Header, 10 00 describe a Text message and the letter "Read". then "Aud1" the channel name So it's not what i expected. Do you have some information about how to control "Read", "Touch", "Latch" parameters in protools ? Is it a protocol that allow me to control more than 8 channels at the time ? I saw the is interface for SSL4000: Tangerine for SSL and on the demo the guy control those parameters with the SSL with HUI protocol. But HOW ? i asked him but no respons   Thank you for your help    
  9. SEQ v4 CS PCB clone

    Great ;) I would be happy if you share your Eagle files than i would make my own PCBs too and share the extra with the Midibox community ;)  
  10. SEQ V4 , need help to build my own design

    Thank you for your answer. I have an other question about dual colours leds. Green leds on GP leds are only use to display current playing step, isn't it ? so why not simply be the red leds state inverted during half lenght between two steps. I explain myself: if they are 24 clock ticks between each steps the current step led will be inverted only 12 ticks that will make the visual step clearer especially if all 16 steps are On without the need of the second leds. Does it make sense ? Where, in the code, can i modify this thing ? I try to find a solution to not use this second green leds because cherry switch led location do not match with 3 pin dual color led.   Can i still use Wilba 8x8 matrix if i do not use dual colour leds? Best regards, Xarolium
  11. Dear diyer, I want to design my own SEQ V4 PCB with Key switches (Same used on Circlon sequencer) and illuminated encoders. The Encoder leds will display the current active step and i want to get 16x4 button/leds matrix. My question is, can i used the first row of the 16x4 button/led matrix as GP button ? Thank you for your help Xaro  
  12. Dear TK,   Thank you for the link, I spent lot of time to find this without success, i should be blind :pinch:   Best regards, Xarolium
  13. Dear TK,   I 'm building a midi interface based on Teensy3.1 (i know it will be simple to use Core32 module instead but don't have one yet) and i add 16 rotary encoders to my project connected as describe in the DIN module page. The problem is that i try to code to interface with the encoder but result is not very accurate. Could you share your piece of code you use to scan the encoder or put me on the way to get good result ?   Best regards, Xarolium
  14. What shame, I did not select the right pin in the program. everything is back in order. Sorry to have called into question the code. Thank you for your work !   Best regards, Xarolium
  15. Dear Midiboxer,   I updated my Midibox CV1 to the 1.3 version and no more CLK and Start/stop pin stay at 5v I came back to the 1.2c version thne everything working fine. I think there is a bug in this version   Best regards, Xarolium