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No display and weird sounds from MIDIBOX SID v1


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Hi all,

I'm trying to resurrect a old MIDIBOX SID that I have built for an eurorack modular synth project.

My setup is composed by the following:

1 16x2 LCD display GDM1602B Xiamen ocular

1 mbhp core  made by smashTV  running PIC18F452 BSL V1.2B MIOS V1.9E

1 SID board made by smashTV ,  8580 is installed

the application is setup_8580_without_cs.hex

In past the system was working perfectly but the cable connections where unstable, so I have decided to rewire It.

After the rewiring I have double checked all the connections but the system doesn't work anymore.

I have also checked all the voltages .

the synthoms are the following:

1) the display is blank (no messages, only a solid rectangle at the system boot)

2) after the system boot the SID is generating a loop of 4 notes like an "alarm tone"

3) Sending a Query in MIOS studio stops  the "alarm tone" with the following message:

Operating System: MIOS8
Board: MBHP_CORE or similar
Core Family: PIC18F
Application is up & running

4) Sending notes in MIOS studio results only in audible "CLICKS"

Have you any suggestions about?

Any hint would be very appreciated.







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