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  1. Custom Keycap for the SeqV4+

    I added a beat led window with each set. I made some more if people are interested in it.   And it remains 2 set finally!  Ready ? 3...2...1...Fight!    
  2. Custom Keycap for the SeqV4+

    Hello, I contacted Signature Plastic to know if produce a custom keycap for the SeqV4+ might be interesting, if it's not too  much expensive. It seems we can get some for a correct price, but I need 10 people interested to reach an order of 320 keys(10 Sets). This is what I asked for: DSA with ALPS mount (of course) PBT material, ABS because the lens is made with the double shot method which is only ABS. White WFK. Large rounded rectangle LED window.   and  10 people is a minimum. Price will be something like 35-40$ for a set of 32 keys. Price will be 40$ for a set of 35 keycap. Some of you already noticed me that small round window is too much small for their taste and use(in smokey and flashing light club context ;) ) So I asked SP if it's possible to make that instead, and if it changes the price. I keep you in touch. Their answer: No additional cost for this shape! Tell me if you're interested, it will be better than trying to paint the transparent keys ;) People who joined the bulk:   @secrethero303 @niles @Dimduj x2 @slo @jojjelito @otropom @u-link @thresholdpeople @Antichambre   Best regards Bruno
  3. midiphy SEQ v4+

    With some screw.
  4. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Not well ;) For the leMec, colors are blue and red with suggested 47 Ohms Have a good build!  
  5. midiphy SEQ v4+

  6. IMG_0014.jpg

    Thank you Peter :)
  7. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Yes they are ALPS stem. But all the set are reserved. There was a MOQ, I was obliged to do that bulk to get mine, I've got it now, I already said that's a 'first and last' bulk. Best regards Bruno
  8. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Yes I like this "polar" style. And it appears a more finished machine for me but like you said it's a question of taste so there's no debate. It just misses a huge and ostensible "MIDIbox SEQ v4 +" at the back on the white part to assert the whole ;) Best regards Bruno
  9. SeqV4+ custom keycaps

    From the album Antichambre "stuff and work"

    I took this picture under the sunlight as you can compare their brightness with the others elements(screen, led matrix etc...)  
  10. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Hi everybody! The custom keycap were arrived. again, thank you guys for this "+", and the amazing case that comes with!  
  11. IMG_0012.jpg

  12. There's some prescaler in the RCC registers(Reset and Clock Control) for all peripherals Clock Source. Those registers are also set in mios32_sys. For the Timers clock this Prescaler is 2, means Fcpu divided by 2. Then you have to take it in account in your calculation... TIMER_PERIOD = (MIOS32_SYS_CPU_FREQUENCY/2) / TIMER_FREQ Datasheet is your friend for that ;)
  13. It needs something like: 7 NAND gate - 2x 74HC00 3 D-type FF with Set and Reset - 2x 74HC74 Clock inhibit is not necessary.
  14. a 74HC165 is a 8 inputs IC with some flip-flop you can recreate the same thing but for 3 inputs only. Check how the 165 is made internally you will understand ;)
  15. @FantomXR, You can maybe use some small flip-flops on each encoder board to get a 3 bit shift register, no waste of bit on the SPI data, the enc board will be divisible with all breakable part usable. BR Bruno
  16. Custom Keycap for the SeqV4+

    ...Remains 5 now. ;)
  17. Inconvenient with this approach is the transfer time, there's no random write access, the whole chain has to be refreshed on each change. There's not too much data to send but the NRZ protocol is very slow, for a 64 chained led it needs 4ms for the whole refresh this is already a lot of process for just 64 led, less than 2 rings in your case(36led/ring), notes about that ,36 is not a good number to deal with memory, using 2n is always better for coding... But this deserves to be tested and could be enough for a dedicated application which has not extra/other heavy processes. best regards Bruno  
  18. OLRE16 with Lattice CPLD as Clocking/Addressing interface

    Homemade with my cheap and chinese CNC router, bit is 0.8mm 1 tooth alu and I use water+soap to help milling(this is the trick). I use black pmma for mask and translucent white for led is a trotec product
  19. From the album OLRE16

    Now with its 512 RGB leds
  20. OLRE16 with Lattice CPLD as Clocking/Addressing interface

    It's PEC16-4015F-S0024 . some more information in the dokuwiki... Yes it's better in real, always difficult to take picture of RGB stuff with an iPhone ;) Brightness is enough for my taste even with the plastic mask and window, the window is made with special pmma, led were ordered form china, i can share contact, here the datasheet   Yes I did it manually, it's an ant work. No update for the moment. No schematic shared for the moment too! ;) Best regards bruno
  21. A rainbow picture for Jaytee! ;)

    From the album Antichambre "stuff and work"

    An old picture of the ili9361 driver testing, this 1,8" RGB TFT has 160x128 pixels, it is connected in SPI 4wires to the dipCoreF4. The module cost 6$ at buydisplay!
  22. Recording / tracking MB SEQ Ableton

    Hi Hal! Did you try the same thing with another software? Best Bruno
  23. Ableton Live Controller-New Builder!

    Hi, There's a lot of commercial controllers which are very close to your requirements. But if you really want to build your own you can first have a look on this topic. Best regards Bruno