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  1. asm to hex

    Hey! This is 20 years thing! TK did it like that for the people who don't know how to program and flash on the PIC. So he created a MIDI bootloader.(Yes there's a bootloader ;) During some times the PIC was sold with the BL already flashed, then there was no need of a programmer, only a MIDI interface was necessary cause the MIOS8 and the App layer are uploadable with the MIOS Studio, the .hex file! Which is sent as SysEx to the PIC. I was a bit lost too at the beginning, without any ASM knowledge. But I tried, failed, succeed, and finally learnt a lot more than I expected. Most of the people don't want to change a line in the code, they just want a working machine after have building it. Conclusion if you want to change some lines in the code, you must be interested in mios8 and what it is. Follow the procedures, try, after a few steps, you will see everything lights up. ;) BR Bruno
  2. midiphy SEQ v4+

    In white 2800mcd 2600mcd was enough for me, but it's a question of taste. Note: there's a dedicated thread for this subject ;) BR Bruno
  3. midiphy SEQ v4+ or quiet version here: caps at mouser: or digikey too
  4. Custom Keycap for the SeqV4+

  5. Custom Keycap for the SeqV4+

    Hello, I contacted Signature Plastic to know if produce a custom keycap for the SeqV4+ might be interesting, if it's not too  much expensive. It seems we can get some for a correct price, but I need 10 people interested to reach an order of 320 keys(10 Sets). This is what I asked for: DSA with ALPS mount (of course) PBT material, ABS because the lens is made with the double shot method which is only ABS. White WFK. Large rounded rectangle LED window.   and  10 people is a minimum. Price will be something like 35-40$ for a set of 32 keys. Price will be 40$ for a set of 35 keycap. Some of you already noticed me that small round window is too much small for their taste and use(in smokey and flashing light club context ;) ) So I asked SP if it's possible to make that instead, and if it changes the price. I keep you in touch. Their answer: No additional cost for this shape! Tell me if you're interested, it will be better than trying to paint the transparent keys ;) People who joined the bulk:   @secrethero303 @niles @Dimduj @slo @jojjelito @otropom @Antichambre   Best regards Bruno
  6. Custom Keycap for the SeqV4+

    It's already ordered, but I can still put your name in the list. It remains 3 sets. Each set contains 35 keycaps finally as you can keep some spares. BR Bruno
  7. midiphy SEQ v4+

    The definitive or just a test? If just a test, I can help... Best regards Bruno
  8. Custom Keycap for the SeqV4+

    Done ;)
  9. Effect pedal, MIDI on a Jack.[SOLVED]

    I haven't got the procedure in mind, but remember the manual is very clear. I've reopen the connectors of my cable, and compare, the diagram is fine. Note: On the diagram,The DIN which has no ground connected(pin 2) must be connected to the MIDI In of your Interface, it's the Output of your pedal. Best Bruno
  10. Hello, I've got a question! I was about to buy a small interface box for two of my effects. but when I saw the price I thought that there was probably not much in it and that I could have everything I needed to tinker with one. Someone has already opened one of these boxes? I suspect they have just put an optocoupler and distribute the logic level on the Jack outputs? And Empress call their one, midibox Thank you Bruno
  11. Custom Keycap for the SeqV4+

  12. Custom Keycap for the SeqV4+

    That's kind, except if you really need/want 2 sets, I will order 10 sets anyway and stock them, I'm sure people will desire it when we will show the final result on our seq! ;) But this will be limited I will make only one bulk of 10 sets. And let the choice to Peter and Andy to add it to their shop if really more people want it.
  13. midiphy SEQ v4+

    This is some 909 keycap as example, that is good! It mixes both colors better too.     It's even better in the other way, more brightness.  
  14. Custom Keycap for the SeqV4+

    I took some keycap from my 909 to show you. This is clearly fine without changing any resistance value. And these keycap are grey not white and I asked for a bigger LED window! First isolation is good. It mixes both colors better.   Even without changing the resistances, there's more brightness on the Seq than on the 909 for the red, I never heard Jeff Mills complain about a lack of brightness on his 909 when he played in a club. lol ;)   Still more brightness in the other way. I will choose that one ;)
  15. Custom Keycap for the SeqV4+

  16. Effect pedal, MIDI on a Jack.[SOLVED]

    Hi Jeff, Just to be sure, the polymoon has to be configured for working in MIDI In and MIDI Out, did you do it? Best Bruno
  17. midiphy SEQ v4+

    I need more to be discouraged, I will not lie, since the beginning I do not like transparent caps, all, MEC and ALPS, it is in my mind to change them since you sent me the first board ;) Yes I'm a bit suborn sometimes. Anyway, the machine is always in position and the code is done now then if you want a pair of blocker tell me, the machine will do it alone..... Best regards Bruno
  18. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Hi, I change the concept, the 3mm mask(light blocker) is put on the bolt 2mm over the pcb to get the mask highest as possible. It stops the light correctly between the switches body, but the keycap itself diffuses the light to its closest little friends, so it's not a perfect solution. This is the mask, the highest part is very thin 0.3mm to fit inside the keycap when pressed. It's mounted on top of the existing bolt to get a 2mm spacing to the pcb, I change the standoff for some with longer threading. Here the result: It's a bit better, but not perfect. This mask needed 4 hours of machining and it's not possible to make it with a laser cutting. We need a keycap with non transparent sides... humm... I'm sure a white keycap with this large LED window they accepted to produce for us will be better than others complicated solutions, please guys don't let me alone with this ;) I will do it anyway but it will cost me so much more. It's just 10 people for a descent price ;) Best regards Bruno  
  19. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Try this maybe:
  20. midiphy SEQ v4+

    @latigid on Should be something like this: front X-ray view I'm not sure 3mm will be enough high but I can already make and try one piece. Will be free but help me to try the custom keycap in return ;) Best regards Bruno
  21. midiphy SEQ v4+

    It will difficult to precisely cut foam for the thickness we have to achieve. no problem for the diodes I already have to mill both sides for the switches 'stopper' under the 'no copper' area. Can you share this 'no copper' area size too?  
  22. midiphy SEQ v4+

    @latigid on  It remains me some black acrylic of 3mm thickness, I can already try with it and see what happens...
  23. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Thank you! ;)
  24. midiphy SEQ v4+

    I go in Africa for work sometimes so those pieces of 'Okoumé were brought back in my luggage from Gabon. Otherwise I've got a woodworker near here who sell me some pieces of rare wood essence when he has it. But it depends on what you want exactly.  I'm in the "Landes" so there's woodworker every 50m here ;) Anyway try to find one near to you place, I never find it in "brico" supermarket ;) If you want something naturally 'white' you can take ash(frene), beech(hetre) or more grey is walnut(noyer) can be a light grey by treatment. This is all local essence. Best regards Bruno
  25. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Signature plastic answered me there's no additional cost for this LED window shape. So this is possible!   Join the bulk here.