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Restarting my Midibox Sid V2 -> MB6582


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I started 8 year ago a Midibox Sid V2, but it was sleeping (kids, lots of other things of life, ..)

After successfully building some core modules in 2014, I finally decided to switch to a MB6582 in order to have a cleaner finish.

The PCB from Modular Addict is at home, the panels are on going from UK, and I am checking the BOMs in order to acquire the missing material.

8 x 6581 and 8 x 8580 modules are waiting. I will use an original C64 PSU.

I hope I will finish it for the end of the year.

If someone is interested, I can sell the finished or unfinished the MBHP modules I have (4 CORE, 4 SID, some DIN and DOUT, don't remember how much)

So I'm back.

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Congratulations on getting back into it! I'm in a similar situation to you - although I hadn't started gathering modules, I'd tracked down enough SIDs to build a full MBSID - though this was before the stereo option was added, so "full" meant 4 SIDs. Life very much got in the way, and now I'm back to building it once I've sorted out exactly what I need based on the BOM that was posted in the forum a while back.

Looking forward to seeing your progress!

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