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  1. The Hexboard

    This isn't how velocity sensitivity works. Keyboards have 2 switches per key, a known distance apart that are pressed one after the other. The time difference between the 2 switches being triggered is used to calculate the velocity, which is sent as the second byte of a MIDI Note-on message. When you release the key, the keyboard detects this and sends a MIDI Note-off.
  2. Prophet 5 using 64E Core

    The way I'd do it re: the keyboard is to get a cheapy MIDI KB, something like an old Evolution one. I've got a Commodore branded one made by Evolution that would be perfect and no, you can't have it :-P. The keys are a little undersized admittedly but it's lightweight and easy to rip apart.
  3. Yay bliptronic

    $50 for all the hardware for a monome clone? Sounds like a helluva deal for me, add in a few choice purchases from Smash and that's a sweet little piece of kit.
  4. I've looked briefly into stuff like this before now, and so far I've not found an easy way to turn a standard such as VGA or DVI into a vendor-specific LVDS interface - much less so a fairly old, low-res analogue standard such as S-Video. I'll be the first to admit that my research hasn't exactly been exhaustive but it looks like you're in for a hell of a lot of work. That said, if you figure it out I'd love to see it!
  5. bored so made a midibox lc

    That's awesome! Especially considering it's "made from bits I had lying around". What size LCD is that?
  6. The forum game

    Randy Rhoads
  7. The forum game

  8. ac current from dc

    I can't help you with your DC/AC woes, but if you're in the market for a new reverb I can recommend the Line6 Verbzilla, provided your setup allows you to use guitar effects. I picked one up a while back off a friend who was selling his music gear off and as far as I'm concerned it's the most versatile reverb I've ever used. Plus, it runs off 9VDC the same as pretty much every other guitar pedal - even a 9V battery.
  9. Commodore 64 Laptop

    There's another thing added to my big list of stuff I wanna do but will never get around to. Hmm, Where I work there's a big pile of write-off laptops...
  10. Tempo LED?

    You hooked your drummer up to a MIDI-porn sync?
  11. a Midibox+ of the year 2002

    Very cool! I'm loving the gold panel and block fonts, very 70s-futurist style. Looks like something out of Logan's Run or suchlike.
  12. CNC PCB 'milling'

    I know that students tend to have some weird stuff in their dorm rooms, but I don't think I ever saw anyone with a CAD/CAM station next to the bongs and pyramids of beer cans...
  13. Do you have a link for how you got the software set up? I found a ton of literature online about how they did the hardware side of things, but the actual "This is what you need" stuff i couldn't find anywhere...
  14. I got a reply in my email about this petition today:
  15. Is that the WSG? I did one of those a while back to practice soldering. Pretty fun to play around with, aren't they?