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MB808 new schematics, searching for a parter


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Hello everyone after years of absence (fk Covid).

Many years ago, when the 808 batch from "that guy" went ghost, I've worked on a revisited MB808 schematics starting for "that" project that never saw the life.

I've spent endless hours over it in 2015-2016 and it is quite finished, just need some professional check since I'm not a professional. My old Eagle license is expired in 2016 and I don't want to renew it since I don't have plans to do schematics in the future.

So I am searching for someone that has interest in take over the project, print some board, do debugging with me and complete the project.

Yea it's late, many clones have been produced since than but for me it worth a try.

I'm attaching the final version, it comes with two different options for the Pots to have more options.

As you can see everything is perfectly alined and nicely places.


That's all :)





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