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  1. interestend in enclosure + panel, can i have some detailed photos of the panels?   Regards, G.
  2. PCBs for sale

    If still available i am interested in one of each: pads, encs, cs1, din6dout4.
  3. Addon: MB6582 Mixer

    I am in for one tnx.
  4. Hi all, i have Waldorf xt that is coated with Nextel, a substance similar to rubber that is prone to collect dust and grease over time.  Anyone have suggestions on how to clean it? Regards G.
  5. SEQ4 For Sale

    I have pm you :)
  6. SEQ4 For Sale

    I am possibly interested.   g.
  7. PCB design questions

    Yes thankyou, this is a good advice, i've try that on my board but there are too many components and i have to bring power to a lot of them. By the way i still try to figure out to make the powers traces horizontal.
  8. PCB design questions

    Well, here for example, i have to bottom traces, +15v -15v, overlapping two gates of the 808 instruments and one noise source, the three top traces.  
  9. PCB design questions

    I am a total amatour in PCB design, i am studying some Texas Instruments guide. I will take into account what you suggest, thankyou.
  10. PCB design questions

    I'm analyzing some professional boards of analog / digital drum machines and some of that have always 90° curves with two 45° angles instad diagonal traces. This make the traces longer so they do not chose the short line possible. I know that on thin traces to avoid problem during pcb realization a double 45° angle is a best practice instead a 90° angle, but i'm wondering why i should design all my traces like the first image A instead the second B. In small space and short traces this can be a well organized north south, east west design, but on long traces this can make them a lot longher. A B
  11. SEQV4 frontplates from formulor

    maybe interested.
  12. (fs)MB808

    I am really interested.   
  13. MB808 PCB files?

  14. Doug Wellington (MB-808) Contact / Status?

    In the main time i had enough time to reverse engineering the v3 board, i'm tracing down..
  15. Doug Wellington (MB-808) Contact / Status?

    yes, at least shipping parts he collected would had been a good move, i saw that pictures too.