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  1. Looking for MB6582 PCB Set

    maybe i have a spare, let me check!
  2. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    There is a function for this, you should assign every part of the song to a song position, pushing the 16 buttons and play will start the song from that position, like A1 intro, B1 phrase, C1 phrase2, D4 bridge ecc.
  3. SammichSid LCD pin header replacement

    Thank you very much i'll look into that straight way! G. 
  4. Hello, i'm switching to OLED on my SammichSID and SammichFM but i can't find anything like the pin header that went with the kits, maybe the base was pushed up to make the base pin longer, my local store doesn't have anything like that and on mouser or digikey i really can't find it, i'm asking for suggestion so. I've attached a photo. Cheers. G.
  5. MB-6582 panel check

    Hi what program do you use as cad?
  6. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    I've tried this one but as the manual says the option restart the track when a key/note is played :) I am trying some different sync configurations. G.
  7. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Thankyou very much i'll look into that. G.
  8. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Hello everybody! Long time no see. How are you all? Here is an hard fight.. So i am recording into the SEQ v4 every pattern i have on other sequencers or synths and rearranging them into songs, very cool , but i have some questions. First thing, while i am recording, in Record Page, Live mode + Autostart on, i'd really like to have an option to stop the the track at the end point (length) so it doesn't loop the pattern. Fast stopping the external sequencer at the end of the pattern it's difficult, some time overwrite the first one or two notes of the loop, if this note happen to be long, the long gate (glide) become short and stops where i've stopped the external sequencer. This should be something like one shot pattern recording. On a Drum track instead i can't figure out the FAST button that activate itself when i switch on this kind of tracks, can't find reference of that, where the ALL button in EDIT mode change values in a Ramp like form if i turn the 1st encoder where the 16th change the values all together. I can understand the use of this option for crescendo but i don't find reference on the guide. Last but not least in the Song mode, the function i use most, should be possible to have an Action where i can choose witch pattern track restart and witch not? More or less like the Mutes Action. Maybe this a global function that can't be triggered per track, so i'm guessing. This will help a lot in the song composition. As i understand the workaround is to write patterns of the same length across the same track, so they switch in time, but what happen if i swich song where a track has a different pattern length? Thansk! G.
  9. I'm searching for a spare 40x2 Green-on-Black Optrex Display, mine got busted on the backlight and changing the smd leds it's quite impossible :) Or two spare of another color same size. Regards. G.
  10. Giveway for TK, last bits, take them please !

    I'm an interested in the seq, i'll PM you :)
  11. interestend in enclosure + panel, can i have some detailed photos of the panels?   Regards, G.
  12. PCBs for sale

    If still available i am interested in one of each: pads, encs, cs1, din6dout4.
  13. Addon: MB6582 Mixer

    I am in for one tnx.
  14. Hi all, i have Waldorf xt that is coated with Nextel, a substance similar to rubber that is prone to collect dust and grease over time.  Anyone have suggestions on how to clean it? Regards G.
  15. SEQ4 For Sale

    I have pm you :)