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Midibox 64 - 'Memory Matrix' proposal...


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       Ive been pondering for a while about how to recall synth perameters (ie: sid) and auxilliary effect unit perameters (ie: reverb, echo/delay, fuzz box) at the same time; and how to store this information in one 'patch'

       It then occured to me that, mios would do this perfectly :) the perameter settings for all the devices needed could be stored in one 'patch' on a mios device. Thus essentially linking the sepperate components into one monster device :] (ie: sid, and effects units)

       obviously this has a huge scope for scaling.. could even recall the entire setup for your midi controlled studio at the press of a button (and without a pc !)

       This could be done as a 'memory matrix' only device, or it could be a 'bolt on' feature to the midibox 64 (for instance); which would give a control surface which could be mapped to stuff wich is not accessable directly from the front pannels of the devices been controlled.

       Assuming that the basic structure of a midibox 64 is  "Control Surface-->Midi Perameter Map-->Midi Out" ...and the presets for different mappings of the control surface to messages are stored in a "Patch Bank" Then itd be possible to expand it to the following:

       In addition there would be two more memory banks, 1 for a complete list of the tweakable midi perameters on a given midi device (like a emagic sound diver patch); and 2 a memory bank which stores in each patch all the modifyed perameters of the device patches loaded. ..and additionally this 'global' memory bank could remember the control surface config (or the preset number used). Thus allowing u to recall the settings of all midi devices under its control; and also the allocation of the control pannel within the one memory patch. As a econoical way of doing the recall, would be to store in only the preset patch numbers (ie: standard presets on effects unit) for each of the midi devices in the global memory bank.

what think to this idea ? :)

ill hack togeather a proper diagram tommro, hope this scrawl makes sense for now :)

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       Have been looking at the source code for mios, i gotta say TK ..you've done a impressively thorough job of documentation ! :)

       Have been looking at the source code to see if i stand a chance of contributing any code to mios. I have in the past done a fair bit of coding in c & pascal ..so im not totally new to programming :]

       With regards to the matter of having a C layer in mios; i think id rather take the effort to learn assembler & have small efficient code.

       Will finish assembling the mios projects i have here, then take a look at what might be possible from there :) ..got parts in the post i need to finish my video projector today tho, so going to be finishing that first :]

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