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Source code for older versions of a Midibox NG

ABP Electronics

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Hello Midiboxers !!!

After 9 years of hibernation, I decided to return to my old midi controller project.
I designed several fonts for a previously purchased display, installed the toolchain and compiled the only available version of midibox NG available on github which apperars to be 1.037.
Unfortunately, it seems that this version has some bug - the DIO_MATRIX module in combination with DIN_MATRIX does not work properly - each pair of row and column returns one of 8 values - and it should return only one, always the same value.
Version 1.036, which can be downloaded from ucapps.de, does not have this bug, but its source code is not available on github.

I am asking for help from more experienced users.


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Hi Bartosz,

the entire history is in github, which means that in your downloaded repository you could switch back to the sources which were used for v1.036

The appr. commit was 6edfcd51ad6cb78f83d6094c5c9d1b7c5b85ddb3
So, just enter "git checkout 6edfcd51ad6cb78f83d6094c5c9d1b7c5b85ddb3" to switch back.

There are also ways to compare the "good version" with the latest one, e.g.: https://github.com/midibox/mios32/compare/6edfcd51ad6cb78f83d6094c5c9d1b7c5b85ddb3..master

Or you could clone the repository two times, switch one to the good version, and then use a diff tool such as "beyond compare" to analyze the changes:



Best Regards, Thorsten.


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