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Song mode - different length sections of the song


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Browsing through the posts, I've seen several people who have run into the same problem I'm trying to solve.

I use Song/Phrase mode with patterns set up for "Intro", "Verse 1&2", "Chorus", "Solo", "Verse 3", etc for live performance.  It works great for things like the Solo section where you can just let it loop as long as you want before going back to another Verse.  In the last measure of each section I choose a new Phrase if I want to go to another Section.

The problem I have is when the different sections are not the same length.  Say the Chorus is 5 measures long and all the other Sections (Intro, Verses, etc) are all 4 measures long.  During the 5th measure of the Chorus I press the Phrase button to go to the Verse and it goes to the 2nd measure of the Verse instead of the 1st measure.

I set all 16 of the tracks to the same length, same divider.  I've played with various combination of the Options (#1-3 & 5) and still can't figure out a way to make it work.  

Option 1 = 16 steps, Option 2 = 16 steps, Option 3 enabled, Option 5 disabled  (this works if all the tracks/patterns are the same length)   

Should this be possible?   Or do I need a different sequencer for this band?

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Interesting timing of this posting: recently I noticed a very similar problem and hacked a quick change into the firmware to move forward.

Let's make it official :-) -> http://www.ucapps.de/mios32/midibox_seq_v4_098_pre1.zip

From the ChangeLog:

MIDIboxSEQ V4.098

   o Phrase Mode: if Option 3/33 "Pattern Change Synchronization" is activated, patterns will start
     from step 1 after song position change. This is especially useful if phrases contain tracks
     with different lengths.
     Option 5/33 "Restart all Tracks on Pattern Change" should be disabled in this case because
     it won't lead to the intended results.

Best Regards, Thorsten.

P.S.: I removed your first posting because it seems to be a duplicate

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